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October 2018, vol 14 no 3

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J. Zimmerman


one house two blue bicycles three sheets on the laundry line

one bag and two objects from the bag one white handkerchief one blue purse make three

one golden cylinder pull its halves apart there are two things emptiness inside one half red wax inside the other three things she is three now

put the halves together and it’s one thing

one bird two cats three windows

the bag with one handkerchief one purse one ring with three keys that makes seven now she is seven

sheets drying on the line for drying sheets every seven days sheets drying on the line

one red flower two power lines three trees

the sun jumping it was behind her now it shines on the seven things under her hands and the sheets have disappeared

one house two blue bicycles but three

where is


sand flies I haven't
the heart to tell her about