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July 2018, vol 14 no 2

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Angelee Deodhar

Café au lait

Sitting around a table, waiting to be served our drinks, we find ourselves accosted by a sixty-something smartly dressed and coiffured lady who greets us with a charming smile. "Welcome, how nice to have you here! How are you all today? Do let me know if you need anything. Ah, and dinner is at five. Hope you will stay as we have a special treat and flamenco dancers to entertain you."

We look questioningly at our host, who this once is lucid enough to explain that, like himself, she is an inmate of the assisted living facility where we are visiting. She was once the maître d'hôtel of a fancy chain and now has Alzheimer’s, thinks she owns the facility. Nobody seems to mind, as she wanders amidst tables greeting people.

Once again she swings by our table to remind us that dinner’s at five.

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