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July 2018, vol 14 no 2

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Announcement: Journeys 2018

Journeys 2018, the final volume of Angelee Deodhar’s three anthologies of International English-language haibun will soon be released.

Collectively, the three volumes offer 453 haibun written by 110 different poets, some contemporary, some what might be called the early adaptors of haibun in English, and some Japanese masters.

All were selected for their prominence in haibun composition. In each poet’s case, the work includes from 1 to 5 of his or her favourite pieces which were published in poetry journals.

The present 2018 volume features 160 haibun by 35 authors: Roberta Beary, John Brandi, Matthew Caretti, Sonam Chhoki, Glenn G. Coats, David Cobb, Claire Everett, Victor P. Gendrano, Penny Harter, Ken Jones, Jim Kacian, Bob Lucky, John McDonald, David McMurray, Johannes Manjrekar, Renée Owen, W. F. Owen, Tom Painting, Patricia Prime, Kala Ramesh, Ray Rasmussen, Michael Rehling, Bruce Ross, Adelaide B. Shaw, Jeff Streeby, George Swede, Paresh Tiwari, Charles Trumbull, Michael Dylan Welch, Robert D. Wilson, Carol Pearce-Worthington, Jeffrey Woodward, David Landis Barnhill, and Rich Youmans.

Published through the CreateSpace Platform. All three volumes are or will soon be available through Amazon.