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April 2018, vol 14 no 1

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Tia Haynes

Lost at Sea

What do I say? Have I read a book lately? When was the last time I listened to the news? Do I have yogurt on my shirt? Are my clothes too out of date? What shows are popular now? What movie are they are talking about? Do they think I’m boring? Am I boring? Am I bringing up the kids too much? Do I look awkward? When was the last time I plucked my eyebrows? What’s in my shoe? Is that a raisin in my shoe? I hope that’s a raisin in my shoe. Are the kids ok? Did they eat well? Did I pack their toothbrushes? Do they have enough diapers? Did they fall asleep at a decent hour? Wait a minute, what were we talking about? Did my husband notice I wasn’t paying attention? Was someone telling a joke? Am I a joke? Have I forgotten how to be anything other than a mother?

spinning top
how the colors
become one