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September 2017, vol 13 no 3

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Angelee Deodhar


Tarot cards and cartomancy are anathema to my scientifically oriented mind. How can anyone believe in these fortune tellers’ shallow tricks? But people do and try to convince me of their authenticity. They repeat theories of how predictable the cards are. I wonder if they can predict a suicide? Could a Tarot card reading have saved a person who just walked into the water and walked on and on till he was swallowed by the sea, embraced into its breast, hugged tight till he was limp and then thrown back roughly to the shore, all fear and pain erased forever? Later, mourned over and consigned to the elements air, earth, water and space, the fire will consume him and he will return to the sea again as his ashes are scattered into it.

worn sandals       gulls shatter the dawn