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July 2017, vol 13 no 2

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Deanna Ross


Kira, age 70, has not been home for three years. On her sinking savings and social security, she has wandered the globe with her travel guitar, lumpy pack and straw hat. From Mexico and Cambodia, Bali and Brazil, she blogs about spider bites, dancers in the streets, good and bad hostels, cheap lunches, stray cats and strangers who, for a day or two, become family.

It’s safe to love, she writes, but not to need. To have, a little; but not to hold. So the posts are uploaded daily, a hungry parade of humanity peering through her dusty lens. We who love her read each one, hoping she won’t always have to be so brave, so lonely, to feel at home in the world.

in her shoes
tiny pebbles
sharpen each step