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July 2017, vol 13 no 2

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Tim Gardiner

The Death Star Disco

After a tiring day patrolling the corridors I stroll into the bustling bar. The life of an Imperial stormtrooper can be lonely at times, so rather than stay in my room watching TIE Fighter TV, I down a glass or two of Emperor’s Ale while chatting with the barman. Tonight is Vader’s Valentine’s Disco and it’s crammed with the usual bunch of corporate clowns and Empire lackeys looking for love. I pop my helmet on the table and bust some moves on the dancefloor, red light reflecting off white armour.

disco ball
I catch the spark
in your eyes

The night has gone well for once, and we exchange Imperial staff codes. As you turn to walk away, you pause and plant a kiss on my cheek. At last, I’ve found someone after all the years of isolation on this damn Death Star.

heart of gold
the reactor core
blown to pieces