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July 2017, vol 13 no 2

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Angelee Deodhar

Morning Raga

The long awaited monsoon arrives and leaves with the same thunder and lightning. My thirst quenched by hot sweet chai, I sit outside to watch dew worms wiggle out of the earth. Morning songsters start the alap one by one, then shift to a concert as more birds join in – mynahs, warblers, mourning doves, a crow or two. And the squirrels, not to be outdone, chitter loudly at everything. Crickets start up where they had left off in the predawn light. Each leaf sprinkles a benediction on me as I walk through the petrichor.

having nothing
an urchin offers fallen frangipani
to a stone Buddha

Note: The alap is the opening section of a typical North Indian classical performance.)