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December 2005, vol 1 no 3

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Announcement: The Annual British Haiku Society Haibun Anthology

(Successor to the Yuasa Haibun Contest)

You are invited to take part in this unique international event.

Professor Nobuyuki Yuasa has now retired as contest judge and sponsor. The British Haiku Society is grateful for his help and support. The revised event demonstrates our firm commitment to the evolving and experimental nature of contemporary haibun.

All contributors to the event will receive a copy of the Haibun Anthology. This will contain a selection of haibun chosen to illustrate qualities which the two Assessor/Appraisers will independently justify. The Anthology will be internationally promoted and marketed.

The purpose of this annual event is to help raise the quality and range of the haibun genre. We are looking for work of literary merit which successfully relates haiku to appropriate prose.

In-hand deadline: 31 December 2005.

Entry Fee: £5 (cheque made out to “British Haiku Society”)/US$10 (in dollar bills, at the entrant’s risk), + £2/$4 for every additional haibun to a maximum of six.

Conditions of Entry:Open to all, but entries are to be written in English. Haibun, including haiku, should be between 100 and 2000 words long. Work may be published or unpublished at the time of submission, but entry implies readiness to be considered for the Anthology. Each haibun should be given a title. Entries will not be returned, so please retain a copy of each submission. Copyright reverts to the author after publication in the Anthology.

Submission details: Three copies of each haibun, with each copy starting on a separate A4 sheet. One copy should show your name, postal address,  telephone number  (and e-mail address if any). The other copies should carry no identification. On the copy marked with your name write and sign the declaration: This is my own original writing and I accept the conditions of the Annual B.H.S. Haibun Anthology. If you require acknowledgement of receipt of your entry send either a SAE or, if overseas, an IRC rubber stamped by the originating office, or else supply your e-mail address. If you want a list of results you should repeat this procedure.

Name and Address for posting: Stanley Pelter, Maple House, 5 School Lane Claypole, Newark NG23 5BQ, Notts., UK.

Appraisal: The process of assessment and appraisal will be undertaken by David Cobb and Ken Jones. After ascertaining that the number and quality of entries are sufficient for the event to proceed, they  will then select  at least eight quality haibun. Because any very specific and objective criteria  are questionable in such an evolving and experimental genre, there will be no formal order of merit. However, the Assessors will provide detailed explanations of their choices and a full discussion of the rationale behind the overall selection. This material - selected haibun and commentaries - will constitute the Anthology.

The Assessors may take up to four months to produce a work sufficiently substantial to stimulate a good debate. However, a summary of their comments, together with the names of those whose haibun appear in the Anthology, will be published in the next appropriate issue of the British Haiku Society’s Newsletter The Brief.

In the unlikely event of an insufficient quantity and/or quality of submissions in any one year, those that are received will be carried forward to the following year for consideration.


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