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December 2005, vol 1 no 3

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Francis Masat


Amended Dreams

packing for college
our son gathers
wigs and pumps

Our son: home from college to visit after first term, his sophomore year (seems as if he left only a week ago). This evening, he walks into our living room, clicks off the TV program his mother and I are watching, turns to us and says "I'm gay." He is not emotional, not defensive, just anxious looking. My wife and I look at each other, then at him. Each of us smiles and-almost in unison-say to him, "We maybe knew?" As we both get up and hug him, he seems almost dismayed: there is no condemnation, no "whys" or "wherefores"—nothing more than our love and understanding. And then we all talk at once, of many things—and about his future, our future (so much for our evening's TV).

our son's wedding-
his first name
the same as his husband's



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