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July 2016, vol 12 no 2

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Harriot West

A Cautionary Tale: Following a Public Figure on Facebook

I try her recipe for roasted cauliflower even though I hate cauliflower. And along with 1,537 other people (mostly women), I click Like. She buys a Spiralizer. So do I. And now I twist zucchini into spaghetti for healthy scrumptious meals. Even though I hate zucchini almost as much as I hate cauliflower.

I ponder her questions: Which Superhero are you? How sexy is your name? I gush over her new periwinkle sweater, tell her the color matches her eyes and to ignore the stupid comments jealous people make.

I have a dream about getting pedicures together—she posts a selfie of us giggling over which polish to use, “Charged Up Cherry” or “Feelin’ Hot-Hot-Hot,” and when people click Share, I’m thrilled.

And when she grins, I’m elated.

my reflection
trapped for a moment
in the blinding white
of those porcelain