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April 2016, vol 12 no 1

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Diana Webb

Crafted by Hand

The news is out. Sad news. The community market is to close. The one on the Friday a fortnight hence will be its last. No more sitting for 20 minutes at least in a small dark space that closely resembles an old fashioned doctor's waiting room. No more listening to descriptions of ongoing symptoms, medical procedures, the odd new grandchild. No more keen awareness of every creak of the closed door in the hope that it is about to open accompanied by the words 'you can all come in!' No more wondering if I will be able to walk fast enough to claim the last asparagus quiche. But maybe, the whisper goes around, that come the spring a new exchange of merchandise will take the place of this old 'community market'.

a tiny pair
of shell pink bootees
magnolia flowers