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April 2016, vol 12 no 1

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Gabriel Patterson


Children's learning travels in light years. It is so quick and subtle that if you stop to blink, you will miss it forever. For two weeks she was too shy to ask her teacher to join the book club. Now, she is knee deep into her second book. Meanwhile, I'm on my second shift, my work schedule especially busy this week and I pride myself on keeping up with her interests. Last month it was My Little Pony. This week, Hot Wheels, for she loves to see the shock on little boys' faces who think girls can only be into princesses. As she buckles her seat belt after school I slip up, accidentally asking about her introductory book and she is all too willing to interject – correcting me in the process and instantaneously pausing the space time continuum – citing the title of her new book and informing me of her progress. At that moment I begin to rethink my schedule...and my purpose.

entry gate call box
old codes etched
under the keypad