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January 2016 vol 11 no 4

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David J. Kelly

Once upon a time

In the beginning there was no space, no time, no matter, no energy. Under those conditions, the concepts of what, when and where had yet to find utility. Within that non-dimensional void, there was an “event” – a spectacular appearance of stuff which populated the universe. Very, very soon afterwards all of our familiar dimensions, and the particles that inhabit them, evolved. The theoretical physicists (and their mathematically-capable colleagues) say that the tiny gap between the appearance of matter and the establishment of time is where one might find a deity, if one were inclined to look. Some religious thinkers suggest that the initial “force” responsible for the Big Bang might be considered as God and so, by extension, God can be thought of as being present in all things. Such theological questions offer their own obstacles to a Grand Unified Theory.

unable to stop
wondering why
the wreck of matter