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April 2015, vol 11 no 1

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Peter Newton

Part-time Gods

First thing, flip on the bird switch. Rewind the dream spool. Advance to exactly the right spot for remembering. Someone else scrolls the clouds sideways, pops the sun in and out. Someone else calms this ocean, kicks that one awake. Cue the seagulls. There's the Department of Safe Passage over there. The Office of Serendipity down the hall. It's a sprawling complex no one would believe. Still we take a lot of flack from the outside. But like I was tellin' a buddy of mine the other day in the break room, it's not up to us which shoes to wear every morning. For cryin' out loud, not everything's covered in one almighty handbook. Hey, while you're standing there, dial up the magic on that.

magenta sunrise
my belief in
what I don't know