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April 2015, vol 11 no 1

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Bob Lucky

Next Year

Thank you for thinking of the Drama Department this year when organizing vendors for the annual Bazaar and 5K Run. As you know, with the tighter economy and reduced budgets, we need all the money we can get. However, in hindsight, selling popcorn and cold drinks, while raising some much needed cash (our theatrical makeup supplies can be replenished now), is not the best way to promote the dramatic arts. If I had been thinking more clearly when asked to do this, I would have proposed some alternative. Perhaps next year we can do a guerrilla theater piece by setting up roadblocks along the racecourse and extorting money from the runners. Of course, participants would have to be apprised of such an eventuality so that they remember to carry a little money.

full moon
a paper plate floats
in the fountain

Note: First published in Presence 44, 2011.