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Contemporary Haibun Online: January 2015, vol 10 no 4

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Contemporary Haibun Online News:

Garry Eaton, long-time copy editor for CHO, and Marjorie Buettner, content editor, have ‘retired' from the family of volunteer editors here at CHO. Low pay was not the reason. As is usually the case with literary journals, the time commitment starts to take away from editors' other projects – in particular, writing projects and that all-important free time. We wish them luck and more than likely you'll be reading an occasional haibun of theirs in these pages.

Meanwhile, Lynne and Ray and I will keep CHO on your ‘must read' list. A few changes will likely occur over the coming year. First, note the new CHO banner (above) and logo (below). Thanks to artist Tony Crosse for that. Another is that I've demoted myself to Coordinating Editor. Editor-in-Chief sounded a bit grand to me, especially considering that what separates me most from the other editors is clerical work.