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October 2014, vol 10 no 3

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Richard Allen Anderson

Melody of Love

One two three, one two three. Open, open, close.

Dolly loves to dance. When we started to date in college, she did her best to instruct me in the musical maneuvers of the two-step, the tango, the polka, the samba, the foxtrot, the waltz.

We had our own song, "Melody of Love," that I faithfully requested at every school dance. Dance became integral with 'us.' We danced at our wedding. We danced at our children's weddings.

Twenty years ago, a brain tumor claimed the hearing in her left ear. Gradually, the music faded also from her right. Now she no longer hears the melody, no longer feels the beat. The relentless, uncaring march of time has stolen her grace and balance.

Now we dance holding tight, feet stationary, bodies swaying to the rhythm of our hearts, remembering.

as if to ask
is this our song
her quiet smile