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July 2014, vol 10, no 2

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Kala Ramesh

The Blue Jacaranda

I was your maid. You remember me? The one who used to tie your shoelaces and make the chapatis and that potato curry for you. Pack your lunch and escort you to the bus stop.

The school bus would come to our street corner somewhere around 8 am daily. Your smile, as you waved goodbye, asking me to be there when you got home in the evening. You had a loud voice.

In case you feel like seeing me, do come over. I stay at The Jacaranda Old-age Ashram. No 18, Queen's Lane, Pune. Ask for Shalini bai.

Everybody here knows me well and they know you too. I keep talking about you to all the inmates. I posted a similar card to you a year back, but I'm thinking it didn't reach you . . .

waiting for a call
that never came . . .
new year's eve

Note: The Blue Jacaranda was a prize winner and was posted on the 2012 Genjuan International Haibun Contest website.