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April 2014, vol 10, no 1

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Patricia Prime

Still Life

the gull
and the shadow of the gull
on the sea

Evening on the beach, where frantic hermit crabs drag sideways in their stolen shells and the tidal pools are full of sea anemones. The soft surround of sand, the mackerel clouds, meek canoes propped against the cliffs, a boat full of holiday makers comes in with its haul of fish. Farther down the beach, party-goers have lit a driftwood bonfire. The sea turns grey, streaks of pink, little taps of sun, and from the headland off to the left, gannets slip down to the water.

Across the bay, a ship passes, a tiny dot between the ports meaning nothing to me, but now I think of you somewhere overseas between countries as the moon dips into India ink with an air of pleasure.

tucked in a book
a postcard from Rome
marks my place