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Contents Page: January 2014, vol 9 no 4

NOTICE: Submission Periods

Submissions to CHO are now invited only within the following time periods. Work sent outside of these dates will be returned and you may re-submit. It may take up to a month for us to accept or decline your submission.

April Issue: Jan 15 - Feb 25 (Now Closed)
July Issue: April 15 - May 31
October Issue: July 15 - Aug 31
January Issue: Oct 15 - Nov 30

Announcement: Changes in Editorial Staff at Contemporary Haibun Online and Contemporary Haibun.
Announcement: Online Haibun Study Group led by Ray Rasmussen, Haibun Co-Editor of Haibun Today.
Editor Ken Jones' Commentary, High Poetry & Traditional Mainstream Haibun.
Ray Rasmussen, Those We Carry into our Writing: A Commentary on “Witness, ”a Haibun by Glenn G. Coats.
J. Zimmerman, What English-Language Haibun Poets Can Learn From Japanese Practices.

Ken Jones' Guidelines for our Would-be Contributors.


. Mary Frederick Ahearn, Apologia
. Collin Barber, Mercury
. Matthew Caretti, Garnish
. Matthew Caretti, Sweet & Right
. Matthew Caretti, Yabyum
. Steven Carter, Dark Laughter
. Steven Carter, Descent I
. Steven Carter, Last Week in September
. Steven Carter, Potpourri
. Steven Carter, Scotch on the Rocks
. Steven Carter, Unstrung Harp
. Glenn G. Coats, Diversions
. Doug V. D'Elia, Stone, Paper, Ink
. Neelam Dadhwal, Trending Times
. Robert Davey, Ducklings
. Robert Davey, Patient
. Angelee Deodhar, Dalhousie
. Angelee Deodhar, Henna
. Lynn Edge, A Daughter Different
. Lynn Edge, The Last Thanksgiving
. Claire Everett, 101
. Claire Everett, Burnt Sugar
. Claire Everett, Going Back
. Jerry Gill, Untitled
. Deborah Guzzi, Clipped Crops and Croquet Mallets
. Deborah Guzzi, Echoes of the Past
. Deborah Guzzi, School’s Out
. Dan Hardison, Winter Walk
. Ruth Holzer, Niklasstrasse 36
. Ruth Holzer, Palinode (2)
. Marilyn Humbert, 40C Madness
. Jonathan Humphrey, By Gravity Or Squirrel
. Gerry Jacobson, Belonging

. Gerry Jacobson, Penampang Road
. Clyde Kessler, Time Zones
. Fred Lowe, Plein Air
. Doris Lynch, Elk Land
. Dennis Magliozzi, Absence
. Dennis Magliozzi, Tomato Season
. Francis Masat, After the Storm
. Francis Masat, Can You Feel Those Nights?
. Jonathan McKeown, Tracks
. Paula Moore, White Cloud
. Genie Nakano, Golden
. Carol Pearce-Worthington, Sojourn
. Patricia Prime, Leave-taking
. Kala Ramesh, All that’s Left
. Ray Rasmussen, Last Walk
. Ray Rasmussen, Reverie
. Violette Rose-Jones, Fatten Thy Skin Stranger
. Violette Rose-Jones, Mutual Perfidy
. Adelaide B. Shaw, A Blink of an Eye
. Adelaide B. Shaw, The Listener
. Hansha Teki, After the Fall
. Paresh Tiwari, Down the Rabbit Hole
. Paresh Tiwari, Flight
. Pat Tompkins, Erethizon D.
. Pat Tompkins, If One Is Seven
. Els van Leeuwen, Chiaroscuro
. Els van Leeuwen, Darkly
. Marilyn Westfall, Departures
. Rich Youmans, Depth Perceptions
. Rich Youmans, Memories of Tommy
. Jianqing Zheng, Cades Cove
. Jianqing Zheng, Maostalgia
. Jianqing Zheng, Touch

quillEditor's Haibun:

. Ken Jones, My Garden .Jim Kacian, The Gesture .Bruce Ross, Medera Canyon

* thanks to Garry Eaton for his volunteer help in copy editing this issue.
© cho 2014: All contents are the property of the contributors and contemporary haibun online.


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