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Contents Page: October 2013, vol 9 no 3

Editor Bruce Ross' Commentary: Steve Andrews’ Haibun – Expressing the Mysteries of Love and Death

Article: J. Zimmerman, What Haibun Poets Can Learn From Non-haikai Western Poetry Practices:  The Valentine’s Day Skywriter Spells Out His Own Name.

Review: John Daniel , Modernist Haibun: A review of Haibun Notebook by Stanley Pelter

Commentary: Ray Rasmussen, On Jeffrey Woodward’s “Time with the Heron” – Poetic Techniques in Haibun Composition.

Guidelines: Ken Jones offers Guidelines for our Would-be Contributors


. Mary Ahern, Dried Grass
. Mary Ahern, Obsession
. Mary Ahern, Rain Song
. Steve Andrews, Essence
. Steve Andrews, Memory
. Collin Barber, What Would Issa Do?
. Steven Berrier, A Year in Santa Fe
. Donna Buck, Retreat
. Donna Buck, Rose Petals
. Marjorie Buettner, Cycle of Life
. Marjorie Buettner, Generations
. Marjorie Buettner, Whisker Rub
. Peter Butler, Neighbors
. Peter Butler, The Adventures of a Wooden Boulder
. Ashley Capes, Firenze
. Ashley Capes, Vatican blues
. Matthew Caretti, Six Doors
. Matthew Caretti, Township
. Kirsten Cliff, Damaged goods
. Kirsten Cliff, Stop
. Glenn G. Coats, An Echo of Hammers
. Glenn G. Coats, Customs
. Glenn G. Coats, The Time Between Fires
. Martin Gottlieb Cohen, First Encounter
. Carolyn Coit Dancy, Passages
. Robert Davey, Dad
. Robert Davey, Our Nose
. Robert Davey, Wardrobe
. Izzy David, Lake-Watching
. Mary Dawson, The Goldfish Bowl
. Diane de Anda, El Carpintero
. Diane de Anda, The Babysitter
. Angelee Deodhar, Monsoon
. Margaret Dornaus, Circle Line
. Margaret Dornaus, Dreamtime
. Margaret Dornaus, Winter's Light
. Edward Dougherty, Matsuyama
. Judson Evans, Japan Journal
. Claire Everett, Clutch
. Claire Everett, Rose Windows
. Ignatius Fay, Chance Meeting
. Donna Fleischer, Mine

. Donna Fleischer, Songliness
. Terri L. French, Again from the Coda
. Terri L. French, Bruised Fruit
. Deborah Guzzi, Comrades In Arms
. Dan Hardsion, The Old House
. Dan Hardsion, Young Again
. Jeffrey Harpeng, And The Soil
. Lee Allen Hill, Pop's Workbench
. Marilyn Humbert, Quarrel
. Ryan Jessup, More than the Sea More than the Light
. Carol Judkins, 1968
. Mark Kaplon, Two Views of I'ao Valley
. Laurie Kolp, Hereditary Mayhem
. Padmini Krishnan, The Nainital Pond
. Bob Lucky, Dying Embers
. Bob Lucky, Message in a Virtual Bottle
. Doris Lynch, Taos Night
. Doris Lynch, Watching a Lost Bird
. Johannes Manjrekar, A Good Boy
. Francis Masat, A Return
. Francis Masat, Different Shades
. Jonathan McKeown, The Big Dam
. Susan Miller, Last Ride
. Genie Nakano, Dance of the Dead
. Genie Nakano, Neighborhood Mindfulness
. Peter Newton, The Dew from The Rain
. Doug Norris, Blackberry Winter
. Renée Owen, Below Deck
. Renée Owen, Shades of Night
. Renée Owen, White Wings
. Carol Pearce-Worthington, Where He Stands
. Ray Rasmussen, What Are You Up To?
. Patricia N. Rogers, My Laughter
. Adelaide B. Shaw, Being Alive
. Brendan Slater, Postdated
. Christine Thompson, Oakland Cemetery
. Patricia Tompkins, Paolo Uccello ... Postcards
. Harriot West, The Changeling
. Bill Wyatt, Moon at the Window

quillEditor's Haibun:

. Ken Jones, Ships That Pass in the Night .Jim Kacian, Rest .Bruce Ross, Gypsies

* thanks to Garry Eaton for his volunteer help in copy editing this issue.
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