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Contents Page: July 2013, vol 9 no 2

quill Editor's Commentary: Jim Kacian, What makes Us Fly

quill Review: Naomi Beth Wakan Reviews David Cobb's Marching with Tulips & What Happens in Haibun

quill Guidelines: Ken Jones offers Guidelines for our Would-be Contributors

quill Haibun:

. Mary Frederick Ahearn, Dreaming Pines
. Steven Berrier, New Mexico
. Dawn Bruce, Night Closes In
. Donna Buck, Special Water
. Peter Butler, Class of '52
. Matthew Caretti, Venerable
. Matthew Caretti, The Lion
. Steven Carter, 7/2/13
. Steven Carter, Tuesday All Day
. Glenn G. Coats, Things We Bury Deep
. Carolyn Coit Dancy, Scrabble
. Robert Davey, Chrysalis
. Robert Davey, Moles
. Robert Davey, The Old Curiosity Shop
. Cherie Hunter Day, Gesture
. Cherie Hunter Day, Monochrome
. Cherie Hunter Day, The Buzz on Campus
. Angelee Deodhar, Sunyata
. Angelee Deodhar, Time Passages
. Garry Eaton, Dry Dock
. Claire Everett, 83
. Claire Everett, Nom de Plume
. Claire Everett, Titan
. Klarissa Fitzpatrick, Stems
. Donna Fleischer, He Let Go
. Seánan Forbes, Love Story
. Seánan Forbes, The Snail's Last Growth
. Seánan Forbes, Wind-Torn Tree
. Jerry Gill, Spiral Galaxy NGC 1232
. Warren Gossett, Reflections in the Reeds
. Warren Gossett, There's Something in the Eyes
. Autumn Noelle Hall, By the Numbers
. Dan Hardison, Passage of Time
. Ruth Holzer, Predators
. Ryan Jessup, A Letter to My Mother in Midsummer
. Ryan Jessup, Untitled
. Scott Duke Kominers, Nor'easter
. Padmini Krishnan, My Wooden Chair

. Padmini Krishnan, Plum Tree
. Jessica Latham, Wake Up
. Stephen W. Leslie, Hannah
. Stephen W. Leslie, Helen of Troy
. Chen-ou Liu, The Dagger in My Mind
. Fred Lowe, Night Arrival
. Doris Lynch, In Search of Owls
. Doris Lynch, Stranger to the Language of Love
. Suzanne Marshall, Return to Fukushima
. Jennifer Met, In a Blink
. Don Miller, I'll Remember
. Renee Owen, Bird Legs
. Kushal Poddar, Sugar, Stifle Me ...
. Patricia Prime/Owen Bullock, On Exhibition
. Ray Rasmussen, Desert Walks
. Patricia N. Rogers, Summer Stroll
. Aron Rothstein, Bathroom Reading
. Aron Rothstein, Confluence
. Nancy Scott, All I Have To Do Is Dream
. Adelaide B. Shaw, My Winter Muse
. Guy Simser, In and Out
. Guy Simser, March 25th
. Kaz Sussman, Cordwood
. Anusha Tennakoon, A Letter to Santa
. Anusha Tennakoon, Healing hands
. Beverly A. Tift, Australia Dreaming
. Beverly A. Tift, Morning Song
. Pat Tompkins, A Reader
. Susie Utting, Poetic Gardening
. Susie Utting, The Bath
. Susie Utting, The Visit
. Diana Webb, Idyll
. Diana Webb, Solo
. Diana Webb, Tenebrae
. Erika Lee Williams, Home
. J. Zimmerman, Cellular
. J. Zimmerman, Miles Three and Fourteen
. J. Zimmerman, Royalty

quillEditor's Haibun:

. Ken Jones, Here Now .Jim Kacian, The Collector, or Desire .Bruce Ross, Waiting Too

* thanks to Garry Eaton for his volunteer help in copy editing this issue.
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