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Contents Page: January 2013, vol 8 no 4

quill Editor's Commentary: Ken Jones on Claire Everett’s "Under the Sun"

quill Guidelines: Ken Jones offers Guidelines for our Would-be Contributors

quill Haibun:

. Mary Frederick Ahearn, Wings
. Jon Baldwin, Banana
. Jon Baldwin, Taken
. Roberta Beary, Irish Twins
. Faith-Anne Bell, Death Grip
. Dawn Bruce, Shifting Light
. Dawn Bruce, The Phone Call
. Donna Buck, Good Night
. Donna Buck, Month Three
. Donna Buck, Pasadena Deli
. Marjorie Buettner, The Dance
. Marjorie Buettner, The Hunting
. Steven Carter, 11/23/2012
. Steven Carter, 8/66
. Steven Carter, Honey of Generation
. Steven Carter, Invisible bird singing
. Steven Carter, Poem beginning with an improvisation...
. Kirsten Cliff, Hair Ties
. Glenn Coats, Music Circus
. Glenn Coats, Staging Area on Mud Lake
. Glenn Coats, The Pretender
. Carolyn Coit Dancy, Crazy with Joy
. Carolyn Coit Dancy, Heartwood
. Robert Davey, Tethered
. Tish Davis, Grasshopper
. Tish Davis, Stopping By
. Mary Dawson, Close the Door Quietly
. Margaret Dornaus, The Gathering
. Garry Eaton, Ancient Ways
. Lynn Edge, The Last Pair
. Claire Everett, Bloodlines
. Claire Everett, Loom
. Claire Everett, Page-A-Day
. Claire Everett, Two Sisters
. Claire Everett, Under the Sun
. Jane Fraser, Star of the Show
. Jane Fraser, The journey Begins
. Jane Fraser, The journey Ends
. Audrey Friedman, The Ring
. Damien W. Green, When Life Got Small

. Autumn Noelle Hall, For Whom the School Bell Tolls
. Autumn Noelle Hall, Like Two Ships
. Jefffrey Harpeng, Perfect Things
. Lee Allen Hill, Deep Pockets
. Lee Allen Hill, Overture
. Ryan Jessup, A Letter to Wei Ying-wu
. Jeanne Jorgensen , Our Final Destination
. Mark Kaplon, The Parish Church of Real De Catorce
. Frederick Lowe, Father's Teats
. Doris Lynch, Enumerating Clouds
. Doris Lynch, Winter Gift
. Paul Mercken, Suikinkutsu
. Don Miller, Dwelling #47
. Don Miller, There is no Song
. Peter Newton, Dear David
. Peter Newton, Hero
. Peter Newton, Homesick
. Peter Newton, Transparency
. Jim Norton, When You Need It
. Carol Pearce-Worthington, Morning Routine
. Carol Pearce-Worthington, On a Hill
. Carol Pearce-Worthington, There Alone Again
. Nu Quang, Ho's Conversation with Mao
. Ray Rasmussen, What If
. Patricia N. Rogers, Confetti
. Patricia N. Rogers, Illusions
. Patricia N. Rogers, The End
. Patricia N. Rogers, Uninvited
. Patricia N. Rogers, When
. Adelaide B. Shaw, Holiday Traditions
. Adelaide B. Shaw, Hurricane Sandy
. Guy Simser, All Saint’s Eve
. Guy Simser, Dues
. Lucas Stensland, Meatpacking District
. N.K. Wagner, Cracked Block
. Diana Webb, For Gerard Manley Hopkins
. Diana Webb, Pocketing the Tide
. Sharon Wood Wortman, Skidmarks
. J. Zimmerman, Birthstone
. J. Zimmerman, Saving the Light
. J. Zimmerman, Three Hundred Open Studios

quillEditor's Haibun:

. Ken Jones, Who .Jim Kacian, Junk .Bruce Ross, Is Life a Dream?

* thanks to Garry Eaton for his volunteer help in copy editing this issue.
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