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Contents Page: October 2012, vol 8 no 3

quill Editor's Commentary: Bruce Ross, On Mark Smith's "Linger" and Ryan Jessup's "A Light".

quill Review: John Daniel, A Review of Stanley Pelter's about time

quill Guidelines: Ken Jones offers Guidelines for our Would-be Contributors

quill Haibun:
. Joanna Ashwell, Last Call
. Jon Baldwin, If Dogs Run Free
. Peter Butler, Casting Vote, 1906
. Peter Butler, Father’s Day
. Peter Butler, The Quiet Couple
. Matthew Caretti, Fallen
. Steven Carter, Illness
. Steven Carter, Labor Day
. Steven Carter, Lay of the Land
. Steven Carter, Mission Ridge
. Steven Carter, Winter in the Blood
. Kirsten Cliff, Too Much
. Glenn G. Coats, Crossing Miller's Bay
. Glenn G. Coats, Sawdust
. Glenn G. Coats, Stones
. M.A. Dawson, Porridge Without Salt
. M.A. Dawson, School Prom
. M.A. Dawson, Unsettled Waters
. Margaret Dornaus, Bush Tucker
. Jerry Dreesen, Snow Angels
. Garry Eaton, Uncertain Weather for Fishermen
. Claire Everett, Base Jumping
. Claire Everett, Sleepers
. Claire Everett, The Best of May
. Claire Everett, Woden’s Crag
. Ignatius Fay, Ten Minutes
. Jane Fraser, Chasing Cars
. Jane Fraser, Towards Burry Holms
. Terri L. French, A Hole in the Dome
. Ferris Gilli, The Color of Nurture
. Autumn Noelle Hall, Crown of Thorns
. Autumn Noelle Hall, Every Time It Rains, It Rains
. Ruth Holzer, Maiden Lane
. Ruth Holzer, Sussex Gardens
. Ryan Jessup, A Light
. Roger Jones, Story Time
. Carol Judkins, Point Pinos
. Jennifer Juneau, Somewhere
. Jennifer Juneau, Various Moods in Various Weather
. Anatoly Kudryavitsky, The Museum of the Revolution
. Chen-ou Liu, Under the Sun
. Doris Lynch, Island Song
. Johannes Manjrekar, Schoolache
. Johannes Manjrekar, Vispi
. Andrew Shattuck McBride, Water Feature
. Genie Nakano, Dispirit
. Matthew Paul, Swallowtails
. Patricia Prime, The Present
. Nu Quang, Joy of My Sister
. Nu Quang, Not an Issue in the Election Year
. Ray Rasmussen, Unsaddled
. Patricia N. Rogers, The Old Stone Sugar Mill
. Patricia N. Rogers, Washing by Hand
. Adelaide Shaw, Lucia’s Memories
. Adelaide Shaw, Standing on the Outside
. Guy Simser, Openings
. Mark Smith, Buzz
. Mark Smith, Linger
. Robert Sonkowsky, The Other Side
. Frank J. Tassone II, Conflicted Expectations
. Susie Utting, Hospital
. Zinovy Vayman, St. Petersburg Express
. Angie Wahlig, Choosing Me
. Jianqing Zheng, Home
. Jianqing Zheng, Rice Planting
. Edward Zuk, All Art Is Quite Useless
. Edward Zuk, Bigfoot and the Imagination
. Edward Zuk, Momento Mori
. Ted van Zutphen, Suddenly Personal
. Ted van Zutphen, That Summer by the Sea

quillEditor's Haibun:

. Ken Jones, A Magic Bottle .Jim Kacian, On a Vaporous Day .Bruce Ross, Dissolving

* thanks to Garry Eaton for his volunteer help in copy editing this issue.
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