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Contents Page: July 2012, vol 8 no 2

In Memoriam: Hortensia Anderson
June 24, 1959 – May 21, 2012, New York

quill Editor's Commentary: Jim Kacian comments on a collaborative haibun by Elaine Riddell and Cynthia Rowe.

quill Guidelines: Ken Jones offers Guidelines for our Would-be Contributors

quill Haibun Selections:
. Melissa Allen, The Shape of Water
. Dawn Bruce, Almost Winter
. Shelly Bryant, Don't Look
. Shelly Bryant, Hope
. Shelly Bryant, Laundered
. Steven Carter, 1981
. Steven Carter, Discovery in the Sky
. Steven Carter, Expecting the Hurricane
. Sonam Chhoki, The Dance of the Skulls
. Sonam Chhoki, The Wisdom of the Dark
. Marcyn Del Clements, The Red-Legged Ant
. Margaret Dornaus, Pendant Power
. Claire Everett, Crossing the Shades
. Claire Everett, Dirty Old Town
. Claire Everett, Luna 3
. Terri L. French, Crossings
. David Gershator, Cold Spell in Paris
. Michael Greene, Asynchrony
. Autumn N. Hall, Stalking Coraline's Black Cat
. Autumn N. Hall, 'Twas Brillig
. Dan Hardison, Embraced
. Dan Hardison, Winter in July
. Penny Harter, An Insistent Tide
. Penny Harter, Heaven
. Penny Harter, Seventh Heaven
. Michele L. Harvey, Wandering
. Cara Holman, Counting
. Cara Holman, Missed Beat
. Cara Holman, Reunion
. Ruth Holzer, Summit
. Ryan Jessup, At the Soup Kitchen
. Ryan Jessup, The Grandfather Clock
. Ryan Jessup, The Grandfather Clock
. Stephen W. Leslie: Soda Fountain
. Stephen W. Leslie: Spring Planting
. Bob Lucky, A Lesson in Something
. Susan Nelson Myers, Dun Notice
. Susan Nelson Myers, The Curse
. Genie Nakano, Long Long Ago
. Genie Nakano, Waiting Room
. Genie Nakano, Yumi
. Carol Pearce-Worthington, Eighty Feet
. Carol Pearce-Worthington, Kings, Queens & Movie Stars
. Stanley Pelter, Eureka
. Stanley Pelter, Fixer
. Stanley Pelter, Foetal Grains
. Stanley Pelter, From Height to Base
. Stella Pierides, Feeding the Doves
. Stella Pierides, The Haircut
. Nu Quang, The Small Matter of a Photograph
. Ray Rasmussen, All That Remains
. Ray Rasmussen, And Why Not?
. Elaine Riddell & Cynthia Rowe, Catching the Dream
. Patricia N. Rogers, Disheartened
. Jeff Streeby, Coppinger Hall
. Jim Sullivan, Canterbury
. Beverly Tift, A Great American Past Time
. Beverly Tift, Escape Velocity
. Priscilla Van Valkenburgh, Florida Sunsets
. Joanne Watcyn-Jones, Home Ground
. Diana Webb, Ever After
. Diana Webb, Neonatal
. Harriot West, Courtship

quillEditor's Haibun:

. Ken Jones, Deconstruction .Jim Kacian, Rest .Bruce Ross, Bouncing

* thanks to Garry Eaton for his volunteer help in copy editing this issue.
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