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Contemporary Haibun Online Contents Page: April 1, 2012, vol 8 no 1

quill Editor's Commentary: Ray Rasmussen, Stylistic Inventiveness in Contemporary Haibun: The Work of Carol Pearce-Worthington and Patricia Rogers.

quill Guidelines: Ken Jones offers Guidelines for our Would-be Contributors

quill Haibun Selections:
. Hortensia Anderson, Some Other June
. Adam T. Bogar, The Four of Us
. Bouwe Brouwer, Wildlife park
. Marjorie A. Buettner, Old Winter Stars
. Marjorie A. Buettner, Ophelia at Last
. Matthew Caretti, Brothers
. Steven Carter, Long Night's Journey into Day
. Steven Carter, November 1965
. Steven Carter, November 1991
. Steven Carter, Southeast from Instanbul
. Steven Carter, West Shore
. Sonam Chhoki, A Lesson in Light
. Sonam Chhoki, One More Day
. Glenn G. Coats, Final Evaluation
. Glenn G. Coats, Numbers on a Mailbox
. Glenn G. Coats, The Real King
. Margaret Dornaus, Prayer for the Dead
. Margaret Dornaus, Super-8
. Margaret Dornaus, The Kindness of Strangers
. Garry Eaton, Visitor
. Judson Evans: Mobile
. Judson Evans: Supercuts
. Judson Evans: Umbrella-cide
. Claire Everett, Tuning Out
. Claire Everett, West Stow
. Claire Everett, Wing-case
. Terri L. French, Symbiosis
. Terri L. French, Symptom 10
. Terri L. French, The Look
. David Gershator, Dolly Macaroni
. Mike Greene, Navigation to the Antipodes
. Dan Hardison, Baxter
. Dan Hardison, Simple Things
. Steven W. Leslie, Still Warm
. Chen-ou Liu, Breath
. Chen-ou Liu, I Become the One ...
. Bob Lucky, Most Bones never become Fossils
. Jim Norton, At Bethel
. Tricia Orr, Hardening Off
. Carol Pearce-Worthington, The Drawing
. Carol Pearce-Worthington, Treecutter
. Patricia Prime, Fairy Falls
. Ray Rasmussen, Chest Pains!
. Ray Rasmussen, Don't
. Ray Rasmussen, Red Man Ruin
. Claudia Reinhardt, Evening in Shanghai
. Patricia N. Rogers, First kiss
. Patricia N. Rogers, Seduced
. Patricia N. Rogers, The Argument
. Cynthia Rowe, Deep North
. Adelaide B. Shaw, Four Ponds
. Adelaide B. Shaw, The First Snow
. Adelaide B. Shaw, Winter Dawn
. Lucas Stensland, Long Island Rail Road
. Jim Sullivan, Mimosa
. George Swede, The "Teem" Work of Ants
. Charles D. Tarlton, 11
. Harriot West, Once upon a Time
. B. Ellis Williams, A Letter to My Grandmother
. Jane Williams, Visiting Daughter
. Jianqing Zheng, Shooting Star

quillEditor's Haibun:

. Ken Jones, The Path .Jim Kacian, My Friend George .Bruce Ross, The Hidden Golem

* thanks to Garry Eaton for his volunteer help in copy editing this issue.
© cho 2012: All contents are the property of the contributors and contemporary haibun online.


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