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Contemporary Haibun Online Contents Page: Jan 1, 2012, vol 7 no 4

quillEditor's Pick: Ken Jones comments on Jeff Streeby‘s "Voyageur"

quillGuidelines: Ken Jones offers Guidelines for our Would-be Contributors

quillHaibun Selections:

. Francis W. Alexander, A Winter's Day
. Francis W. Alexander, Blue Light
. Melissa Allen, Condolence Card
. Hortensia Anderson, Edges
. Hortensia Anderson, Flight
. Hortensia Anderson, Tidepool
. Jane Attanucci, Autumnal Paradise
. Deb Baker, Misplaced
. Jack Brewis, Fava Beans
. Jack Brewis, The Whale
. Shelly Bryant, Spook Fish
. Shelly Bryant, Tremors
. Marjorie A Buettner, 60th Birthday
. Marjorie A Buettner, A Winter Count
. Marjorie A Buettner, What Worlds
. Peter Butler, In Respect of Your Vote
. John Carley, The Beginning
. Steven Carter, In the Crowd
. Steven Carter, Separate Tables
. Sonam Chhoki, Lightness of being
. Sonam Chhoki, Old Bandit Country
. Eduardo del Valle, ¬(99% = 1%)
. Eduardo del Valle, The Sign
. Claire Everett, Captured
. Claire Everett, Paper-thin
. Claire Everett, The Saw's Teeth
. Donna Fleischer, Kingdom of the Pansy
. Ruth Handel, Weathered
. Michael Hill, Sam's Knob
. Roger Jones, Canoeing the Buffalo River, Arkansas
. Roger Jones, Global Warming
. Roger Jones, Late August, City Pool
. Chen-on Liu, Lost in Translation
. Chen-on Liu, The First Touch of Love
. Jay Marsh, Living Fossil
. Don Miller, Don's "tober"
. Ruth Mittelholtz, A Visit to Indian Falls
. Ruth Mittelholtz, Early Spring
. Mike Montreuil, Midnight
. Peter Newton, Effie
. Peter Newton, My America
. Stanley Pelter, A Second Great Event
. Stella Pierides, Other Worlds
. Stella Pierides, The Tree
. Kala Ramesh, The Spoken Word Poet
. Ray Rasmussen, Recovery
. Carolyne Rohrig, A New Generation
. Carolyne Rohrig, Fade Out
. Carolyne Rohrig, No Further
. Tracy Royce, Christmas Stuffing
. Jonathan Scott, Periodical
. Adelaide B. Shaw, A Winter Afternoon
. Adelaide B. Shaw, Rejuvination
. Jeff Streeby, Local Color
. Jeff Streeby, Voyageur
. Marjorie Thomsen, Private Showing
. Marjorie Thomsen, Standing Outside ...
. Jeffrey Woodward, Abridged
. Jeffrey Woodward, The Sweet Wild Grass

quillEditor's Haibun:

. Ken Jones, Alter Ego .Jim Kacian, 3 times .Bruce Ross, The Other World

* thanks to Garry Eaton for his volunteer help in copy editing this issue.
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