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Contents Page: July 1, 2011, vol 7 no 2

quillEditor's Pick: One of our Editors comments on one or more haibun.

. Jim Kacian, The World Rights Itself: Comments on haibun in general and on Peter Newton's Three Haibun

quillSpecial Feature: Haibun as Journalism

In cho 7:1 we offered the first of a handful of pieces published by haijin and filmmaker Dimitar Anakiev as op-ed pieces in the largest newspaper in Slovenia. Here's the second, again translated by Sasa Vazic, with editorial advice from Noragh Jones and Jim Kacian. Also worth repeating: we are not necessarily advocating haibun as polemic or advocacy, but wish to broaden the dialogue on what is—and is not—haibun. We welcome your feedback.
                                – Jim Kacian

.Dimitar Anakiev, John Brown, We Swear to You

quillKen Jones offers Guidelines for our Would-be Contributors

quillHaibun Selections:

.Melissa Allen, Babushkas
.Melissa Allen, Yorick in Moscow
.Hortensia Anderson, Missing Picture
.Bouwe Brouwer, Ford Capri
.Shelly Bryant, Transmission
.Peter Butler, Jewish Museum, Prague
.Steven Carter, Berkeley Night Town
.Steven Carter, In Lieu of an Elegy
.Glenn G. Coats, No Broken Bones
.Glenn G. Coats, Operation Mainstream
.Glenn G. Coats, The House on Lawrence Street
.L. Costa, Once upon a Time
.L. Costa, Sanarjabd
.L. Costa, Winter Night
.Anne Curran, Kindred Spirit
.Eduardo del Valle, First Morning
.Garry Eaton, Coming or Going
.Jerry Gill, Ward 93
.Autumn N. Hall, Ajima (Grandmother/Madam)
.Autumn N. Hall, "...and all I've got is this lousy t-shirt"
.Autumn N. Hall, Kegogi (Dog Meat)
.Jeffrey Harpeng, Fig Bird in a Jacaranda
.Jeffrey Harpeng, The Belly Button Man
.Stephen W. Leslie, Elevator Music
.Stephen W. Leslie, Joe
.Chen-ou Liu, Life Goes On
.Chen-ou Liu, There is no There There
.Bob Lucky, An Evening in Harar
.Victor Maddalena, My Bicycle (circa. 1966)
.Brynne McAdoo, After Giving Up on Match.com
.Brynne McAdoo, Dee's Toy Box Superstore

.John McDonald, Reunion
.Mike Montreuil, Cataract
.Mike Montreuil, Sketches of Banff
.Martha Morgan, Rite
.Martha Morgan, Thorough Consideration
.Marlene Mountain, Winter Evening
.Genie Nakano, Cicada Cries
.Peter Newton, One Thing
.Peter Newton, Simple Folds
.Peter Newton, Snow from Arizona
.Katey Nixon, The Edge of Shadow
.Renee Owen, Nothing
.Renee Owen, Playing Doctor
.Christopher Patchel, Waypoint
.Dru Philippou, Transported
.Patricia Prime, Appointment with Delia
.Patricia Prime, Mapping the Distance
.Patricia Prime, The Library Comes to Call
.Ray Rasmussen, Belonging
.Ray Rasmussen, The Whole Works
.Adelaide B. Shaw, Time Passes
.Melissa Spurr, Memories of the Sun
.Lucas Stensland, Some Crawlspace
.Charles Tarlton, Dégager
.Charles Tarlton, Learning Your Way
.Priscilla van Valkenburgh, Island Clothesline
.Ted van Zutphen, Running with Horses ...
.Diana Webb, Burns Night
.Diana Webb, Tea Time
.Paul Welch, Nepali
.Harriot West, The Day Grandma Died
.Jianqing Zheng, Moonplay

quillEditor's Haibun:

. Ken Jones, Tram Fever .Jim Kacian, A Few Leagues .Bruce Ross, A Man Stands

* thanks to Garry Eaton for his volunteer help in copy editing this issue.
© cho 2011: All contents are the property of the contributors and contemporary haibun online.