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Contents Page: April 1, 2011, vol 7 no 1

quillEditor's Pick: One of our Editors selects a favourite and explains why he likes it.

. Theresa Williams, Once and For All & In Repair with comments by Ken Jones.

quillSpecial Feature: Haibun as Journalism

It may seem out of the question that an art-form so off the beaten track as haibun might actually have some play in the media mainstream—and in English that's probably a correct assertion. But curiously enough, in Slovenia the largest daily newspaper out of Ljubljana is taking a chance on it, and that chance seems to be paying off. Well-known poet and filmmaker Dimitar Anakiev is publishing occasional pieces, not in the Travel or Life sections, but on the Op-Ed pages—in other words, current affairs, matters that everyone should take note of immediately. And these pieces are being read by tens of thousands of people, with a very active response rate. Dimitar has published a score or so of these pieces, and we offer a few of them to you (translated by the author, with editorial advice from Noragh Jones and Jim Kacian) over the next few issues. We are not necessarily advocating that you turn your attention to writing haibun as polemic or advocacy, but thought this might broaden the dialogue on what is—and is not—haibun. Happy reading!

.Dimitar Anakiev, Faleminderit (thanks to) a Boxer Champion

quillHaibun Selections:

.Melissa Allen, Glitter
.Hortensia Anderson, Blizzard
.Collin Barber, Ashes to Ashes
.Dawn Bruce, Green Cathedral
.Shelly Bryant, Anonymous
.Shelly Bryant, Kites on the Beach
.Shelly Bryant, Launching Pad
.Sonam Chhoki, Gray May
.Ian Felton, Financial District
.David Gershator, Bowling Green
.Jerry Gill, Homeless
.Autumn N. Hall, Triage
.Dan Hardison, Childhood Adventures
.Dan Hardison, Miss Lizzie
.Penny Harter, Anchoring
.Penny Harter, On the Way
.Marleen Hulst, A Wednesday in July
.Colin Stewart Jones, Illumination
.Colin Stewart Jones, Reflections
.Colin Stewart Jones, Tribute
.Betty Kaplan, February 14, 19 - -
.Svetlana Marisova, Out of the Cloister
.Carol Pearce-Worthington, Crickets
.Carol Pearce-Worthington, The Color of Snow
.Carol Pearce-Worthington, Thief
.Carol Pearce-Worthington, Upper Bunk
.Carol Pearce-Worthington, Way Station
.Carol Pearce-Worthington, We Are Not to Sing...
.Dru Philippou, At the Close
.Kala Ramesh, Twenty Eleven
.Ray Rasmussen, Desert Conversations
.G. A. Scheinoha, Couch Potato
.G. A. Scheinoha, End Result
.G. A. Scheinoha, Feline Muse
.Adelaide B. Shaw, Wine Harvest
.Mark Smith, Riffles to a Vanish
.Mark Smith, Scroll of Sketches
.John Samuel Tieman, Veins
.Theresa Williams, Taos Pueblo
.Diana Webb, Upon a Time
.Jann Wirtz, Midsummer Night
.Rafal Zabratynski, Wormholes
.JQ Zheng, Star-Watching

quillEditor's Haibun:

. Ken Jones, The Tin Trunk .Jim Kacian, Parable .Bruce Ross, The Clarity of It All

* thanks to Garry Eaton for his volunteer help in copy editing this issue.
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