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Contents Page: December 31, 2010, vol 6 no 4

quill Editor's selection:

In this section, one of our editors selects a favorite and comments on it. It is not mean to be a 'best of issue,' but more an account about how one writer's haibun touches one of the editors.

buttonWriter, Susan Nelson Myers, A Pot of Beans (with comments by Ray Rasmussen)

quillCHO Haibun Selections

.Hortensia Anderson, Echoes
.Deb Baker, Mindfulness
.Christopher Bays, Ripcords
.Elizabeth Bodien, Hunting Season
.Elizabeth Bodien, The Visit
.Shelly Bryant, Creator's Journal
.Shelly Bryant, Overcast
.Shelly Bryant, Slipping
.Owen Bullock, Zennor
.Helen Buckingham, Still Life
.Sonam Chhoki, Reading the Signs
.Glenn G. Coats, Harbor Lights
.Glenn G. Coats, In the Hours before School
.Glenn G. Coats, Last Week of the Fair
.Al DeGenova, Postcard from Berlin
.Al DeGenova, Postcard from Milan
.Al DeGenova, Postcard from Washington Island, Wisconsin
.Jose del Valle, The Wash
.Phuoc-Tan Diep, You
.Ian Felton, Can't Stop Now
.Jim Fowler, Objects in the Mirror Are Farther Than They Appear
.Terri French, Pathways
.William Gottlieb, What's Eating You?
.Autumn Hall, Snow Angel
.Autumn N. Hall, Tet Offensive
.Jeffrey Harpeng, Henna Birds on the Silk Road
.Penny Harter, Driving Home
.Michele Harvey, Premonition
.Mike Hill, Long Branch
.Mike Hill, Long Branch
.Jean Jorgensen, Lewy Body Disease
.Clyde Kessler, Memorial Procession
.Clyde Kessler, Portrait of a Writer Age Ten
.Bob Lucky, Poetry
.Bob Lucky, Zanzibar
.Dennis Magliozzi, Edge of the Woods
.Dennis Magliozzi, Fishermen
.Johannes Manjrekar, Jacarandas Are a Deep Shade of Blue
.Fran Masat, Well Look at All of These
.Giselle Maya, Cattail Stalks
.Giselle Maya, First Strawberry
.Susan Nelson Myers, Woven
.Stanley Pelter, Big C
.Stanley Pelter, Entangled Bee
.Stanley Pelter, Golden Emperor
.Ray Rasmussen, Christmas Eve
.Susan Richardson, Estuary
.Susan Richardson, Fjaerland
.Carolyne Rohrig, Burst
.Carolyne Rohrig, Foreclosure
.Carolyne Rohrig, Stumps
.Cynthia Rowe, For Turning
.Cynthia Rowe, Unseemliness
.G. A. Scheinoha, Now Showing
.G. A. Scheinoha, Outsourced
.Adelaide B. Shaw, Inishmor
.Noel-John Whipps, Stained in White
.Erika Lee Williams, Bunkhouse
.Erika Lee Williams, Greetings from Belize
.Erika Lee Williams, Untitled I
.Theresa Williams, Chief Taholah Days
.Theresa Williams, Out There
.Tad Wojnicki, A Day is Born
.Tad Wojnicki, Grabbing a Quickie in the Old Steinbeck Feed Shop
.Tad Wojnicki, Surviving on Oranges
.Tad Wojnicki, The Way of the Grasshopper
.Beth Wyckoff, Place

quill Haibun by the Editors

buttonKen Jones, A Plodding Present
.Jim Kacian, An Empty Beer Can
.Bruce Ross, Six-Pointed Star

quillSpecial Features

buttonEssays & Interviews on Haibun
buttonAnnouncements & Haibun Books

* thanks to Garry Eaton for his volunteer help in copy editing this issue.
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