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Contents Page: October 2010, vol 6 no 3

quill Editor Ken Jones' selection: Our editors select a favorite and comment on it.

buttonLynn Edge, Trucker (with comments by Ken Jones)

quillCHO Haibun Selections

.Hortensia Anderson, By The Bay
.N. Abtop, Haibun #28
.N. Abtop, Just Get Through It
.Shelly Bryant, Love and War
.Matthew Caretti, Eternal Echo
.Matthew Caretti, Johannesburg
.Matthew Caretti, Remnants
.Sonam Chhoki, And yet ...
.Sonam Chhoki, Looking for Words
.Sonam Chhoki, Paro Tsechu
.Glenn Coats, Deer in the Headlights
.Glenn Coats, Tobacco Road
.Glenn Coats, Trick of the Light
.Jonny Davey, Graphology
.Jonny Davey, Song for Sarah
.Nathan Floom, Grocery Store
.Alice Frampton, Undercurrents
.Keith Heiberg, Winter Romance: Diastole
.Svetlana Marisova, The Lady
.Thomas Martin, Reading Gaol
.Robert Moyer, Generations
.Noragh Jones, The New Mailbox
.Eduardo N. de Valle, Missives
.Eduardo N. de Valle, Orientation
.Eduardo N. de Valle, Uptown Express
.Genie Nakano, Oasis
.Genie Nakano, Guardians
.Christopher Patchel, Sonata
.Carol Pearce-Worthington, Babydoll
.Carol Pearce-Worthington, I Have to go to the Bathroom
.Carol Pearce-Worthington, In the Dark Place
.Kala Ramesh, The Afterglow
.Ray Rasmussen, Trying It On
.Guy Shaked, What Do You Want?
.Adelaide B. Shaw, Alone
.Adelaide B. Shaw, California Burning
.Adelaide B. Shaw, The Final Visit
.Diana Webb, Corvid
.Diana Webb, Floes of Midsummer
.Amy Whitcomb, Old Rag
.Mary Whiteside, Montcoal, WV: April 2010
.Erika Williams, Root Systems II
.Theresa Williams, The Galaxy to Ourselves
.Jeffrey Woodward, Nebraska
.Jeffrey Woodward, Sharecropper
.Jeffrey Woodward, The Pivot

quill Haibun by the Editors

buttonKen Jones, Sibelius and I
.Jim Kacian, Theatre of Dreams
.Bruce Ross, The Still Center

quillSpecial Features

buttonEssays & Interviews on Haibun
buttonAnnouncements & Haibun Books

* thanks to Garry Eaton for his volunteer help in copy editing this issue.
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