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Contents Page: December, 2009, vol 5 no 4
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quill Editor Ken Jones' Selection from This Issue

In each issue, one of our editors selects and comments on a haibun appearing in one of this year's issues that was in some way outstanding for him. For this issue, Ken Jones picked Joshua Gage's "Tragedy."

buttonJoshua Gage, Tragedy (with Ken Jones' comments)

quill CHO Haibun Selections

buttonEd Baker, So
buttonCollin Barber, Smudge
buttonJacob Bathanti, Hurricane Faye
buttonAva Cipri, 236 Laurel Hill Drive
buttonAva Cipri, Character Study
buttonAva Cipri, Third Anniversary
buttonMarcyn Clements, Desert Birding
buttonGlenn G. Coats, A Safe Distance from Home
buttonGlenn G. Coats, Baptisms
buttonGlenn G. Coats, For the Sake of a Quarter
buttonGlenn G. Coats, Glittering Prizes
buttonGarry Eaton, Earth, Air, Fire and Water
buttonJudson Evans, Arsenale
buttonJudson Evans, Snuff Blog
buttonJudson Evans, Sonata for Garden Tools
buttonNancy James, Autumn: Momiji
buttonNancy James, Beans for Good Luck
buttonNancy James, Children’s Day
buttonStephen W. Leslie, Red-tailed Hawk
buttonBob Lucky, A Change of Heart
buttonBob Lucky, Maria Distasio
buttonFrancis Masat, Not a Black-or-White Matter
buttonFrancis Masat, Way, Way Down the Tracks
buttonMelissa Meek, A Fine Pair of Croopy-downs
buttonSabine Miller, Altar
buttonJim Norton, Leafbursts
buttonCarol Pearce-Worthington, I heard She Took His Ashes
buttonStanley Pelter, Arc Walk
buttonRay Rasmussen, Concert
buttonRay Rasmussen, This Advice Business
buttonTracy Royce, Productivity
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, Mary’s Cats
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, The Invitation
buttonRichard Straw, Horses
buttonBeverly Tift, A Great American Past Time
buttonBeverly Tift, Escape Velocity
buttonAmy Whitcomb, At Dusk

quill Haibun by the Editors

buttonKen Jones, The Fall
buttonJim Kacian, In High Times
buttonBruce Ross, The Blue Mosque

quill Recent Articles & Interviews

haibun Hortensia Anderson: A Tribute
haibun Bruce Ross, Matsuo Bashō, Suthorn Pho & Contemporary World Travel Haibun
haibun Jeffrey Woodward: Terra Incognita–The World of Haibun and Tanka Prose, An Interview with the editor of Haibun Today and Modern Haibun & Tanka Prose

quill Archive of Essays & Interviews on Haibun

quillAnnouncements & New Releases of Haibun Books

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