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Contents Page: June, 2009, vol 5 no 2

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quill CHO Haibun Selections

buttonHortensia Anderson, Density 21.5
buttonHortensia Anderson, Tea Bowl
buttonHortensia Anderson, The Way Back
buttonLudmila Balabanova, Solar Eclipse
buttonN. Abtop, Rituals One & Two
buttonDarcy Blahut, New Moon
buttonDarcy Blahut, Waitress
buttonElizabeth Bodien, Jazz
buttonGreta Bolger, 6 Stanzas
buttonShelly Bryant, Bargain Hunter
buttonShelly Bryant, Mr. Lincoln’s Program
buttonHelen Buckingham, Mid-life Chrysalis
buttonJonathan Buckley, On the Road to Nowhere
buttonJonathan Buckley, Roll-ups
buttonMartin Gottlieb Cohen, Alone
buttonTish Davis, Morning Talk
buttonTish Davis, Portfolio
buttonBillie Dee, Heat
buttonBillie Dee, Rosebuds
buttonGarry Eaton, Researching Mexico
buttonLynn Edge, "Blowin’ in the Wind"
buttonLynn Edge, Goliad: The Unknown Alamo
buttonAudrey Friedman, Studying His Mother
buttonPeter Joseph Gloviczki, Packed Up
buttonPeter Joseph Gloviczki, Siri
buttonMarilyn Hazelton, Late Morning
buttonGraham High, Large Blue
buttonJoyce Hildebrand, Spectator Sport
buttonRuth Holzer, Holly Park Farm, Bucks County
buttonRuth Holzer, Tormeno
buttonColin Jones, Where Is Your Sting?
buttonRoger Jones, Goodbye
buttonClyde Kessler, Cross-Ties
buttonClyde Kessler, Solitaire
buttonMichael L. Kiella, Finch
buttonKathryn A. Kopple, Seashore
buttonStephen Leslie, Her Voice
buttonBob Lucky, In the Scheme of Things
buttonBob Lucky, It Was More Than Twenty Years Ago Today
buttonBob Lucky, On Being an Uncle
buttonDennis Magliozzi, Badlands
buttonDennis Magliozzi, Departing
buttonThomas James Martin, Geri's Ninetieth
buttonJohannes Manjrekar, Sometimes
buttonFrancis Masat, How I Learned the Word “Palliative”
buttonFrancis Masat, That Which Begins
buttonClare McCotter, Movanagher Moon
buttonJo McInerney, Passing by
buttonJo McInerney, The Boy
buttonJo McInerney, Wheat Country
buttonIga Gala Miemus, Memory
buttonDon Miller, Peace Flame
buttonNicola Morris, Boarding School
buttonRobert Moyer, Untitled
buttonRenee Owen, A Color So Blue
buttonRenee Owen, Behind the Old Walls
buttonRenee Owen, Uncle Bubby’s Place
buttonCarol Pearce-Worthington, Heart Shapes
buttonDru Philippou, Untitled
buttonKala Ramesh, A Gaping Hole
buttonRay Rasmussen, Casablanca
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, Blood Oranges
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, Pit-stop
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, The Weaver
buttonBarbara A. Taylor, As if it Does So Just for Me
buttonPriscilla Van Valkenburgh, From the New Train
buttonPriscilla Van Valkenburgh, Paternal Apparition
buttonPriscilla Van Valkenburgh, The Pink Jacket
buttonDiana Webb, Four Postcards for a Blossom Tree Collection
buttonDiana Webb, Sacred Energies
buttonTad Wojnicki, Feast of Shacks
buttonTad Wojnicki, Raw Talk from the Salad Bowl
buttonTad Wojnicki, Write Like a Lover!
buttonNora Wood, Cleaving
buttonJeffrey Woodward, Legion
buttonMichele Yanga, Fallen

quill Haibun by the Editors

buttonKen Jones, An Afternoon at the Biographicum
buttonJim Kacian, Apart
buttonBruce Ross, Caldarusani Monastery

quill Essays & Interviews

haibunJohn Dunphy, Haibun: Union of Prose and Poetry
haibunKen Jones: Interview with Jeffrey Woodward
haibunKen Jones, Writing Reality: Fictional Haibun Stories
haibunJim Kacian: Interview with Patricia Prime
haibunRay Rasmussen, Characteristics of Contemporary English-language Haibun
haibunBruce Ross: Interview with Jeffrey Woodward
haibunBruce Ross, The Essence of Haiku

haibunOther Essays & Articles on Haibun

quillEditors' Thought Pieces

buttonKen Jones' Corner #1
buttonKen Jones' Corner #2
buttonKen Jones' Corner #3
buttonKen Jones' Corner #4
buttonEvaluating Haibun: Our editors evaluate & suggest revisions to a haibun

quillAnnouncements & New Releases of Haibun Books

buttonStanley Pelter Release Stanley Pelter's 4th collection of illustrated haibun 'slightly scented short lived words and roses' is now available. It consists of full colour front and back cover, 134 pages and 25 illustrations. In line with his other three collections, until stocks run out, it is available to any interested in the genre for the cost of postage: $10 or £1 UK. Requests for this GIFT to 5 School Lane, Claypole, Newark, Lincolnshire NG23 5BQ, UK
buttonKen Jones Release "Stone Leeks" is Ken Jones's latest 96 page collection of 28 haibun and 59 freestanding haiku, introduced by Jim Kacian. US$ 10 - dollar bills, please, to Troedrhiwsebon, Cwmrheidol, Aberystwyth, SY23 3NB, Wales, UK, or through the Welsh Books Council website http://www.gwales.com UK orders £7 post free, cheques to "K Jones"
buttonBruce Ross Release "Endless Small Waves," HMS Press: 2008, 102 pages, 68 haibun, the majority not published. Ink drawing by author on glossy pale blue cover. Proofbound. 7" X 8 1/2". Available from author, $15 North America, $17 otherwise at: Bruce Ross, PMB 127, 499 Broadway, Bangor, ME 04401, USA.
buttonFrancis Masat Release Francis Masat's new haibun chapbook "Lilacs After Winter" encompasses a story of love, loss, and redemption – more than one might imagine. It is available for $8.95 from Modern English Tanka Press, P.O. Box 43717, Baltimore, Maryland 21236 USA, or through modernenglishtankapress.com
haibunThe Haiku Foundation

The Haiku Foundation, a nonprofit organization whose mission is to archive the accomplishments of the first century of haiku in English and to create greater opportunities for its second, was chartered in the state of Virginia, USA, on 6 January 2009. It is a volunteer organization primarily designed to create and implement projects centered around haiku. Most haiku organizations have privileged the poet and her needs: education, publication, socialization. The Haiku Foundation instead seeks to foster the growth of haiku itself. This is where poets come when they want to give back.

We are pleased to announce the public unveiling of our website. We hope you will visit it often and with pleasure. Please tell us how it serves you, and how it might serve you in the future. And most of all, we welcome your participation. Please join us to help us realize our goals.

haibunWriters Workshop: A group of writers focused on haibun & haiku invites applications for membership
buttonHaibun Links: Online journals containing haibun

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