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Contents Page: March, 2009, vol 5 no 1

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quill Haibun Selections

buttonHortensia Anderson, Cameo
buttonHortensia Anderson, Platinum Print
buttonShelly Bryant, Project
buttonAndrea Cecon, Untitled
buttonMarcyn Clements, At Kerry & McConnell
buttonSusan Constable, Someone’s Daughter
buttonCherie Hunter Day, Surge
buttonBillie Dee, Beatitude
buttonBillie Dee, Salzburg
buttonJohn Dunphy, Fish for Dinner
buttonJohn Dunphy, Hell Freezing Over
buttonJohn Dunphy, Working Abroad
buttonGary Eaton, A Chalk Mandala
buttonLynn Edge, Mother’s Dress
buttonJudson Evans, A Museo dei Barbari
buttonJerry Gill, Untitled
buttonGraham High, Blister Pack
buttonGraham High, Driftwood
buttonJoyce Hildebrand, Starry Eyed
buttonColette Jonopulos, 3009
buttonClyde Kessler, Screech Owl
buttonEllen Lindquist, Jane Austen Dawn
buttonGiselle Maya, A Huguenot
buttonGiselle Maya, Campredon
buttonGiselle Maya, Le Foyer
buttonMichael McClintock, An Account to a Friend about My Life in the West
buttonMichael McClintock, Courage in November
buttonAlbert Melear, Extinction
buttonRenee Owen, Amtrak
buttonRenee Owen, Hattie’s Funeral
buttonRenee Owen, Love Happens
buttonLinda Papanicolaou, Dreamcatcher
buttonPatricia Prime, Challenging Landscape
buttonPatricia Prime, Windsurfers
buttonKala Ramesh, The Threshold
buttonRay Rasmussen, Endings
buttonRay Rasmussen, The Folding Knife
buttonCynthia Rowe, Sun Music
buttonAdelaide Shaw, Lab Test
buttonBarbara Strang, A Lack of Honesty
buttonBarbara Strang, The Visitant
buttonBeverly Tift, Mermaids
buttonBeverly Tift, Sea of Lost Ships
buttonLisa Timpf, Winter Solstice
buttonDiana Webb, Firmament
buttonDiana Webb, Midwinter Dream
buttonLiz Wells, East
buttonJeffrey Winke, “No” Without Hesitation
buttonJeffrey Winke, Sweet Doomed Angels

quill Haibun by the Editors

buttonKen Jones, Power Play, Role Play, Love Play
buttonJim Kacian, Fluidity
buttonBruce Ross, Paul Klee

quill Essays & Interviews by Editors

haibunBruce Ross, The Essence of Haiku
haibunKen Jones: Interview with Jeffrey Woodward
haibunJim Kacian: Interview with Patricia Prime
haibunBruce Ross: Interview with Jeffrey Woodward
haibunKen Jones, Writing Reality: Fictional Haibun Stories
haibunRay Rasmussen, Characteristics of Contemporary English-language Haibun
haibunOther Essays & Articles on Haibun

quillEditors' Thought Pieces

buttonKen Jones' Corner #1
buttonKen Jones' Corner #2
buttonKen Jones' Corner #3
buttonKen Jones' Corner #4
buttonEvaluating Haibun: Our editors evaluate & suggest revisions to a haibun


buttonKen Jones Release "Stone Leeks" is Ken Jones's latest 96 page collection of 28 haibun and 59 freestanding haiku, introduced by Jim Kacian. US$ 10 - dollar bills, please, to Troedrhiwsebon, Cwmrheidol, Aberystwyth, SY23 3NB, Wales, UK, or through the Welsh Books Council website http://www.gwales.com UK orders £7 post free, cheques to "K Jones"
buttonBruce Ross Release "Endless Small Waves," HMS Press: 2008, 102 pages, 68 haibun, the majority not published. Ink drawing by author on glossy pale blue cover. Proofbound. 7" X 8 1/2". Available from author, $15 North America, $17 otherwise at: Bruce Ross, PMB 127, 499 Broadway, Bangor, ME 04401, USA.
buttonFrancis Masat Release Francis Masat's work has often appeared in cho. His "Lilacs After Winter" is a chapbook of haibun that encompasses a story of love, loss, and redemption – more than one might imagine. It is available for $8.95 from Modern English Tanka Press, P.O. Box 43717, Baltimore, Maryland 21236 USA, or through modernenglishtankapress.com
haibunWriters Workshop: A group of writers focused on haibun & haiku invites applications for membership
buttonHaibun Links: Online journals containing haibun

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