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Contents Page: December, 2008, vol 4 no 4

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quill Haibun Selections

buttonHortensia Anderson, Amber
buttonHortensia Anderson, Mandala
buttonHortensia Anderson, The Gift
buttonCollin Barber, Clue
buttonCollin Barber, Dirt Road
buttonDawn Bruce, Last Camellia
buttonMarjorie Buettner, Some Measure of Existence
buttonJ. L. Carey Jr., Estranged Union
buttonDavid Cobb, Heathens versus Christians
buttonJohn Dunphy, Swept Away
buttonGarry Eaton, A Farewell
buttonLynn Edge, Heidi (1993-2007)
buttonAudrey Friedman, It's Dark in Here
buttonRuth Holzer, Castelvetrano
buttonRuth Holzer, Moncton
buttonPaul Hunter, April 4
buttonPaul Hunter, One
buttonPaul Hunter, Three
buttonColin Stewart Jones, Preparing for Hibernation
buttonColin Stewart Jones, Shoo
buttonClyde Kessler, Nests and Ghosts
buttonBob Lucky, Fraud
buttonGeorge Marsh, How Little Is Left
buttonTerra Martin, Autumn Bride
buttonFrancis Masat, A Classroom in the Snow
buttonFrancis Masat, Key West Wildlife Center
buttonFrancis Masat, Saturday Night Party at My Uncle's
buttonDon Miller, Neighbor's Red Barn
buttonDon Miller, On Reading Lawrence
buttonRenee Owen, Higher Ground
buttonRenee Owen, Red Rover, Red Rover
buttonCarol Pearce-Worthington, Beauty Queen
buttonCarol Pearce-Worthington, Downpour
buttonJef Peeples, Brother
buttonJef Peeples, Goodnight
buttonPatrick M. Pilarski, A Lesson on Glaciers
buttonPatrick M. Pilarski, Dog Skiing
buttonRichard R. Powell, The Healing Plane
buttonJoanna Preston, Meditation
buttonJoanna Preston, Winter
buttonRay Rasmussen, A Monk's Journey
buttonRay Rasmussen, Falling
buttonRay Rasmussen, No and Thanks
buttonKim Richardson, Plate Tectonics
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, Eliza
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, Little Boy Alone
buttonJ.S. Tieman, Aftermath
buttonLisa Timpf, Farewell to an Old Friend
buttonDiana Webb, Fudge at Midnight
buttonDiana Webb, Largactil Shuffle
buttonDiana Webb, Shimmer
buttonMarleen Wenneker-Hulst, Monday Morning
buttonAmy Whitcomb, Hooked
buttonN. C. Whitehead, Donation
buttonJeffrey Winke, But a Few Soft Curls
buttonJeffrey Winke, Muffle the Smack Sound
buttonJeffrey Winke, Wide Enough to Handle
buttonJeffey Woodward, California Trail

quill Haibun by the Editors

buttonKen Jones, Dada
buttonJim Kacian, The Interview
buttonBruce Ross, Stellified

quill Essays & Interviews by Editors

haibunBruce Ross, The Essence of Haiku
haibunKen Jones: Interview with Jeffrey Woodward
haibunJim Kacian: Interview with Patricia Prime
haibunBruce Ross: Interview with Jeffrey Woodward
haibunKen Jones, Writing Reality: Fictional Haibun Stories
haibunRay Rasmussen, Characteristics of Contemporary English-language Haibun
haibunOther Essays & Articles on Haibun

quillEditors' Thought Pieces

buttonKen Jones' Corner #1
buttonKen Jones' Corner #2
buttonKen Jones' Corner #3
buttonKen Jones' Corner #4
buttonEvaluating Haibun: Our editors evaluate & suggest revisions to a haibun


buttonHaibun Links: Online journals containing haibun
haibunHaibun Contest Kikakuza Haibun Contest - English Language
haibunWriters Workshop: A group of writers focused on haibun & haiku invites applications for membership

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