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Contents Page: September, 2008, vol 4 no 3

Haibun Selections

In this issue we are pleased to present our regular selections as well as reprint the haibun that appeared in the 2007 British Haiku Society Haibun Anthology edited by Colin Blundell and Graham High. These are indicated by an asterisk (*).

haibunDan Brook, Personal Papers
haibunDavid Cobb, Smiling Through*
haibunSharon Dean & Jeffrey Harpeng, Fireflies
haibunAngelee Deodhar, The Guf
haibunGary Eaton, Separator
haibunJamie Edgecombe, Breaking Sokoku*
haibunJamie Edgecombe, Suburban Kampala*
haibunCharles Hansmann, At Sea*
haibunCharles Hansmann, In Step*
haibunDoris Heitmeyer, Bluebird of Happiness*
haibunDoris Heitmeyer, Luna*
haibunDoris Heitmeyer, Sound of Jackhammers*
haibunJeffrey Harpeng, Broken Road*
haibunJeffrey Harpeng, Death and the Maiden*
haibunJeffrey Harpeng, The Future*
haibunKen Jones, The Inkermans*
haibunJim Kacian, It Happened Again*
haibunNancy Loader, Somewhere*
haibunBob Lucky, A Reunion of Sorts
haibunBob Lucky, Birthday
haibunJacek Margolak, Cherry Orchard
haibunEd Markowski, Word Has It
haibunThomas James Martin, Moonlight
haibunGeoffrey Mason, Miles From Anywhere*
haibunNicola Morris, Untitled
haibunRon Pavellas, Empty Time
haibunDru Philippou, Are powerless over others
haibunJoanna Preston, Delilah
haibunPatricia Prime, Homestead
haibunRay Rasmussen, Continental Divide*
haibunRay Rasmussen, Dover Beach And My Back Yard*
haibunRay Rasmussen, The Fear That Has No Name*
haibunLynne Rees, Drift*
haibunLynne Rees, Little Brother*
haibunAndrew Riutta, Thursday Night
haibunAdelaide Shaw, Changes
haibunKatrina Shepherd, 10 a.m.
haibunKatrina Shepherd, Clearing*
haibunAndrew Shimield, Focal Point*
haibunBamboo Shoot, Church Going*
haibunDiana Webb, Bibliography
haibunDiana Webb, Harp
haibunJane Whittle, Beside the Lake Again*
haibunJane Whittle, Now*
haibunJeffrey Winke, Biblical Latin that Had Been Embedded
haibunJeffrey Winke, Grover Washington Tune and the Liver-Spotted
haibunJeffrey Winke, In Toasting Mode
haibunJeffrey Woodward, Garden Party

Haibun by the Editors

Ken Jones, Song of the Saws
Jim Kacian, Lost in Space
Bruce Ross, The Suffering

Essays & Interviews by Editors

haibunBruce Ross, The Essence of Haiku
haibunKen Jones: Interview with Jeffrey Woodward
haibunJim Kacian: Interview with Patricia Prime
haibunBruce Ross: Interview with Jeffrey Woodward
haibunKen Jones, Writing Reality: Fictional Haibun Stories
haibunRay Rasmussen, Characteristics of Contemporary English-language Haibun
haibunOther Essays & Articles on Haibun

Editors' Thought Pieces

Ken Jones' Corner #1
Ken Jones' Corner #2
Ken Jones' Corner #3
Ken Jones' Corner #4
Evaluating Haibun: Our editors evaluate & suggest revisions to a haibun


Haibun Links: Online journals containing haibun
haibunHaibun Contest Kikakuza Haibun Contest - English Language
haibunWriters Workshop: A group of writers focused on haibun & haiku invites applications for membership


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