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Contents Page: March, 2008, vol 4 no 1

Haibun Selections

haibunHortensia Anderson, Burning the Bodhisattva
haibunHortensia Anderson, Dreams
haibunSteve Andrews, A Drive through the Suburbs
haibunSteve Andrews, Forgiveness
haibunSteve Andrews, Memory
haibunKen Arnold, Radiation
haibunDeb Baker, Stent
haibunLudmila Balabanova, Snow Again
haibunMarjorie Buettner, Snowing Again
haibunMarjorie Buettner, The Second Coming
haibunMarjorie Buettner, Three A.M.
haibunRoss Clark, A Roseprint Scrimshaw
haibunRoss Clark, Drawing from Life
haibunRoss Clark, Not Expelled from Paradise, No Way
haibunTom Cunliffe, Ewe
haibunTish Davis, Gesso
haibunSharon Dean, Imagine
haibunMorgan Earl, Justin's Cay
haibunMorgan Earl, The Gaudi Guide
haibunMorgan Earl, The Left Hand Chord
haibunGarry Eaton, My Father's Fence
haibunJames Fowler, Our Bridge
haibunDavid Gershator, Our Town's Saturday Night
haibunC.W. Hawes, India and Africa
haibunC.W. Hawes, Vastness
haibunSandy Hollis, Going Out to Eat
haibunVirginia Annette Jenkins, Intruders
haibunBetty Kaplan, Her Name Was Flora
haibunBetty Kaplan, The Widow
haibunBob Lucky, Leaving
haibunBob Lucky, Memories of a Lunch
haibunBob Lucky, Running with the Yaks
haibunGiselle Maya, Finding My House
haibunGiselle Maya, Le Cours Mirabeau
haibunGiselle Maya, Owl Wings
haibunMelissa Meek, Toolkit
haibunStephen Nelson, Goose! Goose!
haibunRositza Pironska, A Fly
haibunPatrick M. Pilarski, Brook Trout
haibunPatricia Prime, Wings over Water
haibunRay Rasmussen, Talking about Things
haibunAdelaide Shaw, Holiday for One
haibunAdelaide Shaw, Night Terrors
haibunAdelaide Shaw, Vigil
haibunAdelaide Shaw, Widow's Weeds
haibunChristine Shook, Airplanes
haibunChristine Shook, New Year's Day
haibunJohn Stone, Chesapeake Taxi
haibunAlan D. Taylor, Three Nights and a Matinee
haibunLisa Timpf, Mickey
haibunDiana Webb, Breather
haibunDiana Webb, Incarnation
haibunDiana Webb, Only Connect
haibunDiana Webb, Seasonal
haibunDiana Webb, Sense
haibunJeff Winke, Nature Field Notes
haibunJeff Winke, Some How
haibunTad Wojnicki, "... And the Wine Is a Bottled Poetry ..."
haibunTad Wojnicki, Burning Steinbeck
haibunTad Wojnicki, Sipping a Cappuccino in Oldtown Salinas
haibunJeffrey Woodward, Following the Brush
haibunJeffrey Woodward, The Other
haibunLeah Zoller, Wedding Cake

Haibun by the Editors

Ken Jones, A Bare Thorn Tree
Jim Kacian, Trending
Bruce Ross, In the Dark

Essays & Interviews

haibunJim Kacian Interview by Patricia Prime
haibunKen Jones Interview by Jeffrey Woodward
haibunBruce Ross, The Essence of Haiku
haibunKen Jones, Writing Reality: Fictional Haibun Stories
haibunRay Rasmussen, Characteristics of Contemporary English-language Haibun

Editors' Thought Pieces

Ken Jones' Corner #1
Ken Jones' Corner #2
Ken Jones' Corner #3
Ken Jones' Corner #4
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