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Contents Page: September 2007, vol 3 no 3

Haibun Selections

.Anderson, Hortensia, Basho's Frog
.Baker, Deb, Long lost list
.Barber, Collin, Blood
Barber, Collin, 6 years and 103,000 miles
Cabalona, Yvonne, First Bra
.Ciancio, Lorraine Lener, Aspen Trail, Santa Fe
.Ciancio, Lorraine Lener, Sutton, Quebec
Cudney, Katherine, Making Believe
Daly, Gabrielle, Diaries
Davis, Tish, Water
Dean, Sharon, The Basking Beach
Edge, Lynn, Daydream
Evans, Judson, Change Machine
Evans, Judson, Letter from the Village of Liars
.Gailey, Jeannine Hall, In the Month of Quail
Gailey, Jeannine Hall, The Fox-Wife
Giacalone, David, Silly Woman
Hansmann, Charles, Confetti
.Hansmann, Charles, Investiture
Harvey, Michele, A Spider's Web
Harvey, Michele, The Dappling
.Jones, Roger, Graduate School
.Lucky, Bob, The Exact Moment
Lucky, Bob, Minutes
Oliver, Victoria, The Ducks
.Prime, Patricia, Follow the Line
.Prime, Patricia, Swallowing Pride
.Rasmussen,Ray, Journey to the Far North
Rasmussen, Ray, Judas Kiss
Shepherd, Katrina, Windows
.Rees, Lynne, Close
.Shaw, Adelaide B. Cabin Fever
.Shaw, Adelaide B. Détente
.Shimizu, Kuniharu, Worldman
.Straw, Richard, Keeping Separate
.Straw, Richard, Afterthought
.Straw, Richard, Holy Week
.van Valkenburg, Priscilla, The Airport
.Webb, Diana, A Spot in the Stream
Webb, Diana, A Time
Webb, Diana, The Magpie
Whitehead, N. C., Hephaestus
Winke, Jeffrey, All Deadlines
Winke, Jeffrey, My Life
Winke, Jeffrey, Orange
Woodward, Jeffrey, Shorty

.Woodward, Jeffrey, Questions for the Flowers
.Woodward, Jeffrey, The Widow's Place

Haibun by the Editors

Ken Jones: Let Me Be
Jim Kacian: Fashion
Bruce Ross: Pangaea

Essay by Ken Jones, Writing Reality: Fictional Haibun Stories

Editors' Thought Pieces

Ken Jones' Corner #1
Ken Jones' Corner #2
Ken Jones' Corner #3
Ken Jones' Corner #4
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