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Contents Page: March 2007, vol 3 no 1

Selections for contemporary haibun, an annual anthology from Red Moon Press

Francis W Alexander, Frederick Ace
Hortensia Anderson, Blossoms
.Mauri Askell, Untitled
Collin Barber, Self Service
.Robert William Castagna, Cafe
.Martin Gottlieb Cohen, My Journey with a Mouse
.Sharon Trevelyan Dean, An Evening Meditation
.Sharon Trevelyan Dean, In a Pickle
Sharon Trevelyan Dean, Here Be Dragons
Jamie Edgecombe, Music of Decline
Laryalee Fraser, Petals
.Jerry Gill, Snowflakes
.Charles Hansmann, Push
.Charles Hansmann, Recycling Center
Charles Hansmann, Sun Fish
Jeff Harpeng, Birdlings Flats
Robert Hecht, Blackened Walls
.Mark Hollingsworth, A Jolt
.Mark Hollingsworth, Crucifix
.Colette Jonopulos, Searching for Wendell Berry
Colette Jonopulos, Inside the Bakery
Doreen King, One Night
.Marcus Larsson, Stones
.Rona Laycock, Buddhas of Bamiyan
.Gary Lebel, Axle
.Mary Mageau, The Dinner
.Dustan Neal, Winter Sleet
.Origa, Minute of Silence
.Origa, Mother's Day
Origa, Belated
Origa, The Cup
.Linda Papanicolaou, Staff Development Day
.Louis Pare, Old is New
.Zane Parks, Visiting Family in West Virginia
Joanna Preston, Lijssenthoek
Joanna Preston, Singa Pura
Patricia Prime, Barber Shop
.Kala Ramesh, A Widow by the Window
.Ray Rasmussen, Birch Lake
Ray Rasmussen, Return Visit
.Adelaide B. Shaw, Coffee–Black
Adelaide B. Shaw, Unfocused
.Bamboo Shoot, Journey
.John Stone, That Old Guitar
.Richard Straw, Festival of Lights
.Richard Straw, Lots and Chattels
.Richard Straw, Perennials
Richard Straw, Stone by Stone
Richard Straw, Waymarks
.Barbara A. Taylor, Five Acres Keeps Me Happy
Petar Tchouhov, The Light Bulb
.Carolyn Thomas, Spring Moon
.Diana Webb, Ancient Aunties

Haibun by the Editors

Ken Jones: Marsh's Pool
Jim Kacian: Nothing Like
Bruce Ross: Edward Hopper

Book Releases & Announcements:

New Release: Ken Jones' book "The Parsley Bed," a collection of 35 haibun and 75 haiku, is now available. He would prefer readers to order direct from him if possible, please. Send 18$US, 21$Canadian, or 15 EUR in currency notes only, or £7.25 in a sterling cheque drawn on a UK bank & made to K. Jones , to: Troedrhiwsebon, Cwmrheidol, Aberystwyth, Wales, SY23 3NB, UK. The less favoured alternative is to order through the Welsh Books Council website.
New Release: A collection of haiku and haibun by Bruce Ross, “summer drizzles . . . haiku and haibun” (1 haiga, 49 haiku, 18 haibun) is available now from the author at: Bruce Ross, PMB 127,  11 Bangor Mall Blvd, Ste D, Bangor, ME 04401, USA for $15 US or postal money order equivalent, postage included.
Haibun Writers Online Working Group. Members of this group actively submit and provide detailed critiques of other members' haibun compositions. If interested in joining, please send one example of your work to Ray Rasmussen.

Editors' Thought Pieces

Ken Jones' Corner #1
Ken Jones' Corner #2
Ken Jones' Corner #3
Ken Jones' Corner #4
Evaluating Haibun: Our editors evaluate & suggest revisions to a haibun

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