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Contents Page: June 2006, vol 2 no 2

Welcome to contemporary haibun online, a quarterly journal appearing in March, June, September and December of each year. We are pleased to offer our readers quality haibun-style writing and to encourage both the writing and reading of contemporary haibun.

Editors Ken Jones, Jim Kacian and Bruce Ross review submissions independently and then collaborate to accept submissions for both contemporary haibun [the yearly print journal] and for contemporary haibun online.

Editors' Thought Pieces

Ken Jones' Corner: The fourth of a series on contemporary haibun
Evaluating Haibun: Our editors evaluate & suggest revisions to a haibun

Haibun Selections

.Roselle Angwin, In the Time of No Time
Deb Baker, New York State of Mind
.Julie Beveridge, Home Is Where The Heartache Is
.Jason Sanford Brown, Desert Sky
.Curtis Dunlap, Queen of Hearts
Arthur Durkee, Ancient Eyes
.Lynn Edge, Brunch
Lynn Edge, Black Rock
Lynn Edge, Funeral
.Chris Faiers, Hangin' with Bubo (virginiansis)
.Patrick Frank, At the End
David Gershator, Caribbean Blues
Jeffery Harpeng, 1872 etc.
Roger Jones, My Draft Card
Roger Jones, My Hawaiian Shirt
.Larry Kimmel, To Not And Wish You Had
.Gary LeBel, Camp
.Gary LeBel, Return
Gary LeBel, Vowel
George Marsh, First Kiss
George Marsh, How Little Is Lefts Wound
George Marsh, The Angel's Wound
Sabine Miller, First Snow
.Dustin Neal, The Boys
.Zane Parks, Nine Eleven
.Dru Philippou, Road to Macadam
.Helen Ruggieri, Dreaming of My Dead Father
Guy Simser, Little Remains
John Stone, They
Beth Vieira, She Says
.Jane Whittle Wales, Fron Goch (The Red Slope)
Bill Wyatt, A Fistful of Frost

Haibun by the Editors

Ken Jones: The Inlet
Jim Kacian: Before the Bath
Bruce Ross: Swept Away

Special Notices:

Haibun Writers Online Working Group. Members of this group actively submit and provide detailed critiques of other members' haibun compositions. If interested in joining, please send one example of your work to Ray Rasmussen.

Copyright: All contents are the property of the contributors and contemporary haibun online. Contributors are free to publish elsewhere so long as cho is cited as the first place of publication. No content may be published or distributed elsewhere in any form or in any way without permission of the contributors. cho is associated with the print journal contemporary haibun which is published annually and which can be ordered through the red moon press. cho retains the right to republish the contents in the print annual publication: contemporary haibun. The haibun in the Selections for contemporary haibun section will be published in the next print issue of contemporary haibun.



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