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Bob Lucky, General Editor
Ray Rasmussen, Technical Editor

Contents Page: October 2019, vol 15 no 3

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Random Praise by Bob Lucky: Peggy Turnbull's Chihuahua Desert

Featured Writer: Kala Ramesh, The Marrying of Prose and Poetry

Articles, Interviews, Book Reviews & Commentaries:

.Bob Lucky, The Haibun as Essay: A Commentary on Steven Carter’s “In the Crowd”

.Ray Rasmussen, A Response to Bob Lucky’s “The Haibun as Essay”

.J. Zimmerman, What Haibun Poets Can Learn From Non-haikai Western Poetry Practices

.Jim Kacian, A Haiku Primer

.George Marsh: Haiku Essentials: Show vs Tell


.Snapshot Press, Free haibun and haiku eBooks

. Mary Frederick Ahearn, Little Singers
. Steve Andrews, The Storm
. Marilyn Ashbaugh, Liar’s Club
. Joseph Salvatore Aversano, The Night Club and the Wind
. Jo Balistreri, On the Cusp
. Chris Bays, Singularities
. John Budan, Memory Loss
. Matthew Caretti, You Can Know a Man by His Shoes
. Salil Chaturvedi, Permission
. Margaret Chula, Shark’s Tooth
. Janet Lynn Davis, Stepping in Place
. J Hahn Doleman, Riding the Brakes
. J Hahn Doleman, Train at Night in the Desert
. Judson Evans, Fuochi di San Giovanni
. Claire Everett, Road Trip
. Colleen M. Farrelly, Weeds
. Mark Forrester, Outcomes
. Alice Frampton, Early Signs
. Raymond French and Terri L. French, Lake Louise
. Mark Gilbert, In Wells
. Richard Grahn, Unstrung
. Autumn Noelle Hall, Teen's Tweets . . .
. Jeffrey Harpeng, Climb The Holy Mountain
. Bob Haynes, ER Waiting Room
. Kyle Hemmings, Leaky
. Marilyn Humbert, Glass Jars
. Jonathan Humphrey, Calligraphy
. Jonathan Humphrey, Taurus
. Alexander Jankiewicz, Together
. Ryan Jessup, Walking in the Dark
. Christopher Jupp, The Boundary Strand

. Keitha Keyes, Yellow Card, Red Card
. Antonietta Losito, Wishing for an On-Off Switch
. Doris Lynch, Falling
. Tanya McDonald, Moss Books
. Marietta McGregor, Pilgrimage
. Vicki Miko, The Santa Monica Stairs
. Don Miller, The Intersection . . .
. Gautam Nadkarni, The Moon And Tuppence
. Peter Newton, The Undiscovered Language of Stars
. Doug Norris, Alcatraz
. Michelle Ortega, Let the Questions Go Unanswered
. Renée Owen, Mourning Song
. Tom Painting, Troubled Waters
. Joan Prefontaine, Close
. Dian Duchin Reed, Knock Knock
. Bryan Rickert, Tony
. Bethany Rivers, The Place Nature Created Just for You
. Alexis Rotella, Empty Souls
. Cynthia Rowe, Across the Seas
. Michael Ryan, An Autochthnonous Migration
. Jacob Salzer, Past Lives
. Joshua Michael Stewart, Nature Lesson
. Charles Tarleton, The Life and Death of Houdini
. Jennifer Thiermann, Safe Guards
. R. Mark Vincent, The Fledglings
. Lew Watts, 3.94andMe
. Diana Webb, A Place
. Michael Dylan Welch, Berlin
. Michael Dylan Welch, The Dream
. Michael Dylan Welch, January 20, 1961
. Simon Wilson, Thinking
. Rafał Zabratyński, Boléro of Life

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, Gratitude .Ray Rasmussen, Sunspot

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