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Bob Lucky, General Editor
Ray Rasmussen, Technical Editor

Contents Page: July 2019, vol 15 no 2

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Random Praise by Bob Lucky: Terri French's Sh@#!

Featured Writer: George Swede, My Journey with Haiku & Haibun

Articles, Interviews, Book Reviews & Commentaries:

.Ken Jones, Ken's Corner #4

.Charles D.Tarlton, Touching Fire: New and Selected Ekphrastic Prosimetra, A Review by Bob Lucky

.Michael Dylan Welch, Haibun: Aims and Problems

.Rich Youmans, Head-On: Haibun Stories, A Review by Bob Lucky


.The Haibun Journal, a newcomer dedicated to haibun is available in July for submissions -> click here

.Chrysanthemum multi-haiku genre journal #25 just released and available as a downlad -> click here

.Hortensia Andersons’ book, The Plenitude of Emptiness, available as a PDF download at The Haiku Foundation. click here

. Mary Frederick Ahearn, Turn of the Season
. Elizabeth Alford, Directions
. Steve Andrews, Brief Interlude
. Marilyn Ashbaugh, Desert Dawn
. Taofeek Ayeyemi (Aswagaawy), The Venom & the Serum
. Tony Burfield, Fight Song
. Jeaunice T. Burnette, Alternate Reality
. Matthew Caretti, Empire of Lost Souls
. Anna Cates, The Trial of Mithras
. Teri White Carns, Marie Kondo-ing the 1950s
. Sonam Chhoki, The Stories Neighbours Tell . . .
. Glenn G. Coats, Crossings
. Glenn G. Coats, Symptoms
. Diana Conces, First Taste of Maine
. Martin Duguay, More Than a Rebound
. Lynn Edge, High Alert
. Claire Everett, And Then
. Mark Forrester, Vespers
. Terri French, Web or Water
. Mark Gilbert, Dream in the form of a Haibun
. Warren Gossett, Hiss of the Oxygen
. Richard Grahn, Inside the Gold Mine
. Praniti Gulyani, What We Miss
. Autumn N. Hall, Changing Lines
. Richard Manly Heiman, Grandma 5.0
. Scott Hicks, Longing
. Jonathan Humphrey, The Augur of Cooked Birds
. Alexander Jankiewicz, Bus Stop
. Colin Stewart Jones, Mercury Switch

. David J Kelly, Sitting Meditation
. Maureen Kingston, MCM Revival
. Michael H. Lester, Birds Do It Better
. Antonietta Losito, Touching the Past
. Fred Lowe, Pemaquid
. Jonathan McKeown, This Lolita
. Matthew Moffett, Finding Herself, If Only for a Moment
. Gautam Nadkarni, Ye Gods
. Peter Newton, No Patriot
. Peter Newton, Possessions
. Maeve O’Sullivan, The European Project
. Tom Painting, And So…
. Patricia Prime & Giselle Maya, Easter Letters
. Keith Polette, Flight
. Kala Ramesh, Tilted Earth
. Dian Duchin Reed, Why I Left the City
. Alexis Rotella, Honoring the Town Sot
. Yesha Shah, Mother Brings Home a Rocking Chair
. Adelaide B. Shaw, The Ghosts of Bennett College
. Kathryn J. Stevens, Sillage
. Charles Tarlton, Alvin Ailey’s I Wanna Be Ready
. Peggy Turnbull, Chihuahua Desert
. R. Mark Vincent, The Bamboo Fly Rod
. Lew Watts, A Pistol
. Diana Webb, Orchid
. Michael Dylan Welch, Blood, Toil, Tears, and Sweat
. Michael Dylan Welch, Chief Joseph
. Michael Dylan Welch, Gettysburg
. Harriot West, Brave New World: An Epilogue

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, The Alchemy of Grief .Ray Rasmussen, The Most Unfortunate Third Dumping of Ray Argh!

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