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Bob Lucky, General Editor
Ray Rasmussen, Technical Editor

Contents Page: April 2019, vol 15 no 1

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Random Praise by Bob Lucky: Glenn G. Coats' "A Nest Under the Eaves"

Featured Writer: Michael Rehling, The Essential Difference between A 1934 Packard-V12 & Haibun

Articles, Interviews, Book Reviews & Commentaries:

.Ken Jones, Ken's Corner #3

.Jim Kacian, Innovation in Haiku

.Ray Rasmussen, The Writer's Gaze: Sources of Inspiration


.KYSO Editor Clare McQueen, release of Touching Fire: New and Selected Ekphrastic Prosimetra by Charles D. Tarlton

.John (Jianqing) Zheng, a frequent contributor to CHO, has recently published a poetry collection, Enforced Rustication in the Chinese Cultural Revolution (Texas Review Press, 2019). The book includes eight haibun, several previously published in CHO.

. Mary Frederick Ahearn, Well Worn
. Francis W. Alexander, Genes
. Elizabeth Alford, Adrift
. Steve Andrews, Porch Nights
. Marilyn Ashbaugh, Summer Heat
. Wandajune Bishop-Towle, Climacteric
. Ingrid Bruck, After Reading
. Matthew Caretti, Johannesburg: A Reprise
. Lorraine Carey, Pipe Dreams
. Teri White Carns, Ice Cube Orchids
. Anna Cates, The Highway
. Salil Chaturvedi, A Little Knowing
. Janet Lynn Davis, The Day I Decided Not to Become a Teacher
. J Hahn Doleman, To Serve and Protect
. Melanie DuBose, Village
. Martin Duguay, Confessions of an Introvert
. Marilyn Fleming, The Boy of Him
. Mark Forrester, The Hollow
. Terri French, Sh@#!
. Tim Gardiner, The Entertainer
. Warren Gossett, Time
. Richard Grahn, The Price of a Life
. David Gross, Ice Sculptures
. Penny Harter, Tick-Tock
. Penny Harter, Twilight Walk
. John Hawkhead, Soft Moon
. Scott Hicks, Steel River
. Marilyn Humbert, Drought
. Jonathan Humphrey, Elegy For The Thud In An Orchard
. Jonathan Humphrey, Variations On A Theme By Ty Cobb

. David Jacobs, Early Night
. Gerry Jacobson, Nostalgia
. Alexander Jankiewicz, New Father
. David J. Kelly, Looking Both Ways
. Jessica Malone Latham, Softening of the Bones
. Alison Lock, The Clearing
. Rebeca Lois Lucret, Mofongo
. Charlotte Mandel, Tooth Archeology
. Marietta McGregor, The Back Dam
. Jonathan McKeown, Maroubra
. Gautam Nadkarni, Spellbound
. Peter Newton, Ghost Caller
. Renée Owen, Nothing Matters Now
. Patricia Prime, New Forest Camping
. Raamesh Gowri Raghavan, Madrasi
. K. Ramesh, Unfocused
. Shobha Rao, Tender Feelings
. Dian Duchin Reed, A Stitch in Time
. J. Brian Robertson, Harbinger of Spring
. Alexis Rotella, I Should Have Been . . .
. Cynthia Rowe, Gran’s Bijoux
. Adelaide Shaw, Widowhood
. Edward Schmidt-Zorner, Rainy Day
. Ronnie Sirmans, Paradise
. Charles Tarlton, Feeding the Seagulls . . .
. Barbara Tate, Penance
. Jennifer Thiermann, Taking Refuge
. Lew Watts, The Green Green Grass of Home
. Simon Wilson, One Pink Shoe
. John Zheng, Village in the Dream

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, I Was Wondering .Ray Rasmussen, Conversations with Issa

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