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Bob Lucky, General Editor
Ray Rasmussen, Technical Editor

Contents Page: April 2018, vol 14 no 1

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Random Praise: Bob Lucky, A Challenge

Featured Writer: Melissa Allen, Seven Ways of Looking at Haibun

Articles, Interviews, Book Reviews & Commentaries:

.Tony Beyer, Review of Noragh Jones, The Dog of Darkness.

.Bob Lucky, Review of Paresh Tiwari, Raindrops Chasing Raindrops.

.Lew Watts, Searching for a Haiku, in a Haibun


.Vestal Review Flash Fiction Awards: Bob Lucky's "Gratitude"

.Ephemerae, A New Multi-haiku-genre Journal, Call for submissions


. Elizabeth Alford, No Sudden Movements
. Elizabeth Alford, Thunderstruck
. Melissa Allen, The Only Warm Things
. Melissa Allen, What’s Missing
. Steve Andrews, Progress
. Jo Balistreri, Sunrise
. Amanda Bell, Hoppers and Daddies
. Paul Bregazzi, Western Parkway
. John Budan, Scammer
. Christy Burbidge, 1986
. Tony Burfield, Headlamps
. Matthew Caretti, Thessaloniki Airport, 1994
. Teri White Carns, Grandmothers’ Eyes
. Salil Chaturvedi, Sundari
. Angelee Deodhar, Enchantment
. J Hahn Doleman, Arithmetic of Time
. Rebecca Drouilhet, Seasons in the Sun
. Martin Duguay, False Alarm
. Claire Everett, Crossing
. Marilyn Fleming, Sepia Photo
. Mark Forrester, The Crew
. James Fowler, 5 Sep, 2017
. Tim Gardiner, A Surfeit of Spaniels
. Mark Gilbert, Victory
. LeRoy Gorman, The Forlorn Citizen
. Bill Gottlieb, Loving Omnivores
. Richard Grahn, South of Tomorrow
. Autumn Noelle Hall, Blue Light Special
. Dan Hardison, This Woman
. Tia Haynes, Lost at Sea

. Jonathan Humphreys, Bloodstained Cloth
. Crystal Ignatowski, Open Adoption
. Gerry Jacobson, Autumnal
. Alexander Jankiewicz, New Year’s Eve
. Peter Jastermsky, Heirloom
. David J Kelly, A Small Clutch
. Susan King, A Light Bulb Moment
. Antoinetta Losita, Tapum-Tapum
. Doris Lynch, Birdville, Michigan
. Charlotte Mandel, Deciduous
. Marietta McGregor, Candid Shot
. Jonathan McKeown, Strangels
. Peter Newton, Lisa’s Diner
. Renée Owen, Trapped
. Stacy Pendergrast, Interview
. Patricia Prime, The Doomed Queen
. Kala Ramesh, Vratham: The Fast
. Dave Read, Circus Act
. Dian Duchin Reed, Have You Seen This Person?
. Bryan Rickert, Stoplight
. Alexis Rotella, Dressed for a Perfect Evening
. Aron Rothstein, Force of Nature
. Adelaide Shaw, Next Year
. Kathryn Stevens, Undercurrents
. Christine Taylor, A Small Journey
. Paresh Tiwari, Ragdolls
. Lew Watts, Lost in Translation
. Diana Webb, Traces
. Michael Dylan Welch, Alone
. Michael Dylan Welch, Up to Sixth
. J. Zimmerman, Elsinore 1:1

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, Kathmandu

.Ray Rasmussen, The Summing Ups & Downs

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