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Bob Lucky, General Editor

Contents Page: October 2017, vol 13 no 3

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Random Praise: Kathryn J. Stevens' "Things to Leave Out of the Obituary"

Featured Writer: Rich Youmans, Why Combine Haiku & Haibun? Glad You Asked . . .

Articles, Interviews, Book Reviews & Commentaries:

.Bob Lucky, Editorial: Oh, Haibun! Haibun! A Word or Two

.Michael Dylan Welch, Haibun: Definitions of Light

. Mary Frederick Ahearn, One Morning
.Debbi Antebi, Sisyphus
.Joseph Aversano, Breathing Fire
.Anna Bala, Sunlight
.Jo Balistreri, At the Stoughton Opera House
.Beth Buckley, Single Ticket
.Tony Burfield, Hermit Chasing
.Anna Cates, Father
.Angelee Deodhar, Drift
.Martin Duguay, Survivors
.Claire Everett, Grace
.Marilyn Fleming, Mamma Tells Me
.Mark Gilbert, Choices
.Bill Gottlieb, Crossing the Celestial Line
.Autumn Noelle Hall, Power Play
.Dan Hardison, Uncertain Horizon
.Penny Harter, Bird Watching
.Penny Harter, Crow
.J. Todd Hawkins, The New World
.Ruth Holzer, The Name
.Roger D. Jones, Somewhere in Arkansas
.Vijay Joshi, The Theseus Paradox
.David J. Kelly, The Growth of Saplings
.Keitha Keyes, House of Cards
.Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, Dream Come True
.Shobhana Kumar, Post-it Notes
.Michael H. Lester, Mother Knows Best
.Chen-ou Liu, Beginning Writer's Workshop
.Doris Lynch, Sludgeville
.Giselle Maya and Patricia Prime, Wild Foods
.Jonathan McKeown, The Dell
.Renée Owen, Fledglings
.Tom Painting, County Fair
.Holli Rainwater, Before and After
.Dave Read, Symphony No. 3
.Bryan Rickert, The Song
.Aron Rothstein, Final Installment
.Cynthia Rowe, Concorde
.Adelaide B. Shaw, Age-defying
.Robert Smith, Questions
.Guy Stephenson, Forty-nine Miles Southwest
.Kathryn J. Stevens, Room For Doubt
.Lisa Timpf, The Horsemen Wait
.Els van Leeuwen, Twilight
.Bill Waters, Getting Schooled
.Diana Webb, Not Drowning but...
.J. Zimmerman, Questions to My Twin

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, The End of the Road

.Ray Rasmussen, Space Junk & Cob Webs

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