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Bob Lucky, General Editor

Contents Page: April 2017, vol 13 no 1

Random Praise: Bob Lucky on Melissa Allen's What I Read, What I Didn't

Featured Writer: Lynne Rees, Some advice on writing haibun

Articles, Interviews, Book Reviews & Commentaries:

Bob Lucky, A Review of Glenn G. Coats, waking and dream



.Mary Frederick Ahearn, An Emblem
.Melissa Allen, After Converting to Fahrenheit
.Melissa Allen, What I Read, What I Didn’t
.Johnny Baranski, Under the Big Top
.Nancy Beauregard, Blindness
.Tony Burfield, Reptilian Brain
.Peter Butler, Monologue in the Bar
.Teri White Carns, Trophies
.Anna Cates, Beside the Lavender
.David Cobb, Dinah's Day
.Lee Darling, Lessons
.Claire Everett, Mother Tongue
.Roberta Feins, St Mark’s Cathedral, Venice
.Marilyn Fleming, Salt Lick
.Marilyn Fleming, Songs of Spring
.Tim Gardiner, The Secret Chamber
.Bill Gottlieb, My Zombie Resolutions
.Peter Grandbois, After the Leaves Fall
.Peter Grandbois, Any Music but the Last
.Autumn Noelle Hall, A Wretch Like Me
.Dan Hardison, The Glass Bottle
.Marilyn Humbert, Ripples
.Jonathan Humphrey, Two-Toed Elegy On A Dotted Line
.Peter Jastermsky, The Crowvention
.Ryan Jessup, A Letter to My Father at the End of Winter
.Roger D. Jones, A Chuck-Will’s Widow
.David J. Kelly, Suspending Disbelief
.Susan King, A Small Matter of Life and Death

.Shrikaanth Krishnamurthy, Indian Summer
.Chen-ou Liu, What Remains?
.Doris Lynch, Birdman Hovers over Paoli
.Daniel Paul Marshall, Nan’s Funeral
.Philip Léon Mattes, A Foe of God and Mercy
.Giselle Maya, The Lord of Cloth
.Jonathan McKeown, The Mouths of Babes
.Karla Linn Merrifield, Psalm of the Ancient
.Don Miller, Still Life with Barn
.Peter Newton, Oh Cupola
.Peter Newton, Vanishing Point
.Renée Owen, Bone Moon
.Tom Painting, Calling Hours
.Tom Painting, Myopic
.Jessica Ramer, Bethlehem 2000
.Dave Read, Beer Leagues
.Aron Rothstein, Fog Man
.Michael S. Ryan, The Waning Gibbous
.Yesha Shah, Incantation
.Adelaide B. Shaw, At the Beach
.Kathryn J. Stevens, Epitaph
.Richard Straw, Sands Near Seventy
.Jeff Streeby, Watering Hole
.Charles Tarlton, Reflections on Montaigne's Essays
.Lisa Timpf, In the Shadows
.D. F. Tweney, Plum Season
.Diana Webb, End of the Garden
.Kreg Viesselman, Winter Kill

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, It Was More Than Twenty Years Ago Today

.Ray Rasmussen, How is it?

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