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Contents Page: December 2005, vol 1 no 3

Welcome to contemporary haibun online, a quarterly journal appearing in March, June, September and December of each year. We are pleased to offer our readers quality haibun-style writing and to encourage both the writing and reading of contemporary haibun.

Editors Ken Jones, Jim Kacian and Bruce Ross review submissions independently and then collaborate to accept submissions for both contemporary haibun [the yearly print journal] and for contemporary haibun online.

Ken Jones' Corner: The second of a series on contemporary haibun.

Haibun Selections

buttonFrancis W. Alexander, Still Sheltered
Jason Sanford Brown, Monsoon
Katherine Cudney, Consolation
buttonKatherine Cudney, Return to Sender
buttonJohn J. Dunphy, Battlefield Memento
buttonLynn Edge, Recollection
Jamie Edgecombe, Coiled Wire
buttonMargarita Engle, The Peace Dove
Gary Ford, A Polished Stone
buttonDavid Gershator, Swan Song in the Rampos
buttonC. W. Hawes , Early September
Ed Higgins, Houdini’s Final Escape
Ed Higgins, The Letter
Graham High, Three Brothers
buttonColette Jonopulos, Returning
buttonColette Jonopulos, Walking Toward Death Mountain
Ellen Kombiyil, The Parting of the Sun and Moon
buttonLouise Linville, A Death in the Family
buttonFrancis Masat, Amended Dreams
Francis Masat, Sly No More
Allen McGill, Distant Places
Allen McGill, White Light
buttonRon Moss, Paper Smile
buttonRon Moss, Mountain Zen
buttonH. Gene Murtha, Batteries Not Included
Graham Nunn, A Heavy Rhythm
buttonLane Parker, Preparations
buttonZane Parks, Bob
buttonKala Ramesh, Arranged Marriages
buttonKala Ramesh, Anamika
buttonRay Rasmussen, The Bathrobe
Ynes Sanz, Mt Glorious
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, A Seasonal Change
buttonAdelaide B. Shaw, Untitled
Carolyn Thomas, Here
Zinovy Vayman, Haibun for Joe Amick
buttonGeert Verbeke, In Memoriam
buttonBeth Vieira, Cottage in Winter
buttonBill Wyatt, Maen Llia
Brian Zimmer, Reflecting March

Haibun by the Editors

Ken Jones, Clinker
Jim Kacian, The Fire
Bruce Ross, Veterans Day

Special Notices:

Haibun Contest: The Annual British Haiku Society Haibun Anthology [click to see details of the contest and submission procedure]
Haibun Writers Online Working Group. Members of this group actively submit and provide detailed critiques of other members' haibun compositions. If interested in joining, please send one example of your work to Ray Rasmussen.
World Haiku Review Call for Submissions: The next WHR will feature haibun written 'from the back seat' — haibun that are childhood or teen memories of going on a family trip, memories from the back seat of a car with mom and dad driving in front, vacation memories, visits to relatives, family picnics ... etc. Submissions should be sent to WHR haibun editor Ray Rasmussen with the subject heading: WHR submission.

Copyright: All contents are the property of the contributors and contemporary haibun online. Contributors are free to publish elsewhere so long as cho is cited as the first place of publication. No content may be published or distributed elsewhere in any form or in any way without permission of the contributors. cho is associated with the print journal contemporary haibun which is published annually and which can be ordered through the red moon press. cho retains the right to republish the contents in the print annual publication: contemporary haibun. The haibun in the Selections for contemporary haibun section will be published in the next print issue of contemporary haibun.



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