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Bob Lucky, General Editor

Contents Page: January 2017, vol 12 no 4

Editors Advice:

Random Praise: Bob Lucky on Peter Newton's "The Ascension"

Featured Writer: Glenn G. Coats' Thoughts on Haibun

Articles, Interviews, Book Reviews & Commentaries:

News: 2016 HSA Haibun Contest Awards


.Elizabeth Alford, Withdrawal
.Jo Balistreri, Wedding
.Chris Bays, Ballooning over Berlin
.Amanda Bell, So Long
.Anna Cates, Groundhog's Day
.Glenn G. Coats, Love in a Dry Season
.Glenn G. Coats, Staples
.Cathryn Daley, Insect
.Janet Lynn Davis, Registration
.Cherie Hunter Day, Marginalia
.Angelee Deodhar, Pastiche
.Claire Everett, The Twilight Blues
.Anton Floyd, The Longest Distance Between Two Places
.Tim Gardiner, Geese
.Tim Gardiner, Skeleton Wood
.Bill Gottlieb, Fearful Symmetries
.Autumn Noelle Hall, A Dying Art
.Bob Haynes, End of the World Story
.Ruth Holzer, Via Montebello 60
.Peter Jastermsky, Nineteen Days
.David J. Kelly, Opposites
.Keitha Keyes, Breakfast at Grandad’s
.Tricia Knoll, Fathoms Deep
.Pranav Kodial, Building Blocks
.Shobhana Kumar, Spaces
.Fred Lowe, The Woman with Cancer
.Mandy Macdonald, Coming Snow

.Maggie Mackay, Owning the Past
.Charlotte Mandel, Snow Maiden
.Jonathan McKeown, Home
.Don Miller, Anchor Hitch
.Mac Miller, Age and Anger
.Mary Myers, The Importance of Titles
.Peter Newton, Citizen Soldiers
.Timothy O'Grady, Saltillo
.Al Ortolani, Death is a Sneeze
.Al Ortolani, Helium Balloon
.Tom Painting, Long-range Forecast
.Tom Painting, Marginalia
.Kala Ramesh, Temple Ponds and Lotus Pads
.Sam Ross, Autumn Reconvenes
.Alexis Rotella, A Solo Tango
.Alexis Rotella, Dark October Moon
.Aron Rothstein, Death of a Classmate
.Michael S. Ryan, With The Lantern Collecting Bugs
.Adelaide B. Shaw, Heritage
.Paresh Tiwari, Confessions
.Paresh Tiwari, Sundown
.Els van Leeuwen, After the Fire
.Diana Webb, Postcard in Autumn
.Michael Dylan Welch, Blind Camp
.J. Zimmerman, The Tao of Joan at the Big Sur
.J. Zimmerman, Tilly: Day Zero and Then Day One

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, Birthday .Ray Rasmussen, Life after Floss

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