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Contents Page: October 2016, vol 12 no 3

Editorial: Bob Lucky, The Times They Are A-changing

Random Praise: Harriot West's "A Cautionary Tale: Following a Public Figure on Facebook"

Featured Writer: Matthew Caretti: The Teacher & The Monk – Alchemy in Haibun




.Elizabeth Alford, Fishbowl
.David Landis Barnhill, A Boulder of Time
.David Bingham, The Power of Speech
.Alanna C. Burke, Editing
.Peter Butler, How Dare They Call Me a Bigot!
.Anna Cates, Starlight
.Glenn G. Coats, Evacuation
.Diane DeCillis, In The Garden of the Universe
.Angelee Deodhar, Ensemble
.Lynn Edge, Wind
.Claire Everett, Collected Poems
.Claire Everett, Sky-Blue Twist
.Tim Gardiner, Kingairloch
.Bill Gottlieb, Unfurnished
.Autumn Noelle Hall, Digging Deeper
.Jennifer Hambrick, Harmonica
.Bob Haynes, Genealogy
.Ruth Holzer, Night Crossing
.Marilyn Humbert, Chaffey Dam
.Ryan Jessup, Before Children
.Keitha Keyes, Transported
.Susan King, Home
.Susan King, Mediterranean Blues
.Shobhana Kumar, Stopper
.Fred Lowe, Waverly and the C-Notes
.Doris Lynch, In the Darkness, Dancing
.Connie R. Meester, Elasticity
.Peter Newton, The Ascension
.Peter Newton, Consultation

.Marian Olson, Writer’s Block
. Nancy Pagh, Anchored
. Kathe L. Palka, Back from the Brink
. Dawn Paul, Old Frog Pond Farm
. Matthew Paul, Paris
. Anthony Q. Rabang, Everyone Remembers
. Dave Read, In Transit
. Dave Read, Slim Being
. Michele Root-Bernstein, Souvenirs
. Alexis Rotella, Bad Niece
. Alexis Rotella, Flying High
. Aron Rothstein, Guiding Lights
. Michael S. Ryan, Making Room
. Adelaide Shaw, The Bates Motel
. Guy Simser, A Monarch
. Guy Stephenson, A Further Glance at a Geological Map
. Kathryn J. Stevens, An Ordinary Day
. Jeff Streeby, Float
. Jeff Streeby, Working the Door
. Sneha Sundaram, Gulmohar Dreams
. Charles Tarlton, Some Call It Love
. Frank J. Tassone, Anger Management
. Paresh Tiwari, Empty Spaces
. Michael Dylan Welch, 銀閣寺 Ginkaku-ji
. Michael Dylan Welch, Punctum
. Kory Wells, Chapter in Which the Great Nation Unsings
. J. Zimmerman, The Shadow of Things
. J. Zimmerman, Time’s Arrow

CHO Staff Haibun:

.Bob Lucky, Ethnographic Vignette #2 .Ray Rasmussen, Dog Star

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